Monday, March 17, 2014

5th Annual Bob Johnson B-Day Party & Flying Festival

Please join us for the fifth annual Bob Johnson Birthday Party and Flying Festival, at Kahana Bay, from May 2 to May 4. We will be camping and flying and celebrating all weekend long. Everyone is welcome: family, friends, visiting pilots. More details coming soon.


DaveZ said...

Shoots - I'm gonna just miss it. See you monkeys right after the fly-in.

Thom said...

We are getting camp sites tonight April 1 at Mid Nite. we would like to secure 1-6 which is on the LZ side. Please chirp in on the comments so we cn get a list going.

Thom Sidehill Camp Site #5

Mike 5-0 Camp Site #6

Thom said...

Camp Site Update.
Thom Camp Site 5
5-0 Camp Site 6
Alex Camp Site 1

Thom said...

Ok I think we did it.

Thanks to:

5-0 on number 6
Sidehill on number 5
Sharky on number 4
Sandy on number 3
Kevin on number 2

Alex on number 1 shakily

Camping is open to all if you stay on a site chip in to the people who registered. Parking permits will be printed and stored in above vehicles for any one that needs one.

Cess & Ginny will be in charge of the kitchen. Their rules and regs to follow.

Thom said...

Cess, Ginny, Laurel planning a meeting for the kitchen this weekend
April 12 or 13.
Contact Mike's email to get more info.

Thom said...

Fly-In Schedule & Procedures

Ginny & Cess have been organizing this event but will need help and cooperation.

Friday May 2:
-Tent set up. This is the Big Kitchen tent that 5-0 sets up we'll need a few bodies to help with this around 2pm.
- I will be setting up the other tent, shower, sink etc hopefully early friday morning.
-Friday night dinner is what ever you bring to feed and liquidate yourself.

Saturday May3:
-Breakfast 7am-10am. Bring stuff or $$. which will be determined and we will need a head count.
-Brief HPA meeting during breakfast starting 9ish. Then go fly our asses off....Bob, we are leaving that to you.
-Lunch on your own, Subway and a great Thai truck up the road, I am hoping for some fish from a special place up north that Bob is going to let us fly too.
-Dinner 6:30-9pm Menu to be Determined. Pot luck so list some stuff in comments. Head Count.
-Sunday Breakfast 7-10. Same rules. Head Count.

Either Saturday morning after meeting if not flyable or Sunday after Breakfast we are going to do our Highway cleanup. We are getting this down and it does not take long, we have had great participation so far but the more the merrier. Bob would.

Please comment below as to what you'll bring or send an email to me at and I will compile a list on one comment and forward info to Ginny and Cess.

Thanks Looking forward to a Successful Fly-In

Anonymous said...

5-0 Mike, please change time for big tent set up for around 10:00am.

Anonymous said...


Saturday Lunch:

Chili and hot dogs. Chili cookoff anyone. bring what you have.

Hot dogs will be provided.

Geronimo said...

Cess, Ginny, Laurel:

Should I plan on SOS for breakfast Saturday and/or Sunday?

Of so, same as last year, more, or less?

Geronimo John

Geronimo said...

IF so,

Anonymous said...


just for Saturday.


Geronimo said...

Ginny or Cess: Sounds great. Please give me a call at 772-8551.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any extra sleeping pads and/or small tent me and the missez could borrow? We'll be staying in Waimanalo and can come pick up if ya gots. Many Thanks! -Bill & Yukari 415.449.0990

Anonymous said...

I have a 3 person tent with inflatable twin mattresses. If anyone needs them, give me a call. I will bring them when I go on Friday.