Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chronic Condition

Yesterday was the first nice trade wind day at Kahana in over two months! Winter is certainly not over yet, but thankfully summer throws us an occasional bone to keep our chronic condition under control. The flow was quite northerly and gradually grew stronger, but we gnawed on that bone from early morning until dusk. Almost twenty pilots showed up to reacquaint themselves with this summertime site. Many crossed the bay, and one ventured the other way.

The early session was sweet and very light, with sneaky thermals trickling up here and there. I crossed over to Kualoa, but it was barely working there because the light flow was splitting the spine perfectly, so I headed back to Kaaawa as Woody and Drew were pulling in. We played around at cloud base there, and then returned to Kahana where Ike was cruising locally, along with Rudi.

I dashed over to Punaluu to find pretty light conditions, but I finally found one really strong and twisty thermal that fought hard against my hook, before I set it deep and hung on for a quick ride to a safe elevation for the return dash. Every chronic flight is different, and this leg was pretty challenging today. It would have been interesting to try and push further toward Pounders before returning. Lately, while I'm up there contemplating my options, I find myself wondering: what would Matt Henzi do?? (WWMHD?)

Conditions were starting to get stronger by the time I got back, and it was quite brisk on launch as I top landed to look for the radio I'd left there. Joey, Kaaawa Larry, and the visitor from Japan were setting up. Thanks to Rudi for grabbing the radio for me!

Finally I followed Don down to the tree line and we soared there quite a while. It was so nice and strong, and blowing so straight in, that I was able to soar from the boat ramp almost to the fishpond, over and over. The fishpond side was working best of all!

I had to leave early to pick up kids but first I stopped at the Poi Factory for a nice Hawaiian plate lunch with Ike, Yolie and Rudi. Everything there is great, but I highly recommend the ho'io salad.

Guys were boating across the bay in a strong fat lift band by the time I was leaving. I heard several more pilots showed up to fly after I left. And by the end of the day they were flying tiny wings and staying up easily, darting around up there like, I don't know, fireflies. I stopped back with the kids at the end of the day to find Lake, Woody and Bryce still out there, and I was just in time to watch George swoop in on his tiny wing. Welcome back, Lake!

Here's hoping for more summery days as winter starts to release its rainy grip!

Roll call: OZ Daren, Rudi, JP pilot, Woody, Drew, Ike, me, Joey, Doug, Allegra, Kaaawa Larry, Lake, Brian, BC Al, Ray, Jeff, George, Rich, and probably others.


Thom said...

Thanks for the log. I gotta get back to non jobber status!

Thom said...

Thanks for the log. I gotta get back to non jobber status!