Monday, March 03, 2014

Meeting and Party, Saturday March 8, Kahana

We are a bit late scheduling this meeting! It will be a combination of our highway cleanup and a meeting at Kahana Beach Park. Bring your wings! We may get to fly this rare spot after the meeting. Friends and family are invited as always. Visiting pilots: that means you too; please come to the meeting. I heard we are currently hosting Laddie Shaw, the President of the Artic Air Walkers, Club of the Year 2013, and hopefully he will be joining us.

Saturday March 8 starting at 8:30 a.m. and lasting until post flying celebration and debriefing.

8:30 a.m Meet at Kahana Beach Park. Directions can be given for those of us who have not been there in such a loooooonggggg time. We then carpool to clean up the section of highway that we have adopted in Kaaawa.

10:00 a.m. Meeting at Kahana LZ. There may be other campers, so please park across the street. We have a fairly short agenda and the wind gurus have predicted a strange wind patern called 'Trades' !

We will have grills and coolers going all day, but most likely after flying for the great debriefing of our flights (and may I not be jinxing us). We are thinking just dogs and burgers, or whatever YOU decide to bring. Please chirp on the comment section.

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Thom said...

I will set up my easy corner tent and have a few tables for set up.
None of the Camp Sites are available so we may set up on the other side of the LZ (facing bridge, left side).

Possibly it would be easier if we just did sandwiches in lieu of grilling so that no one is on the hook for running or supplying the grill. Thoughts?

We will need:
A few grills if we got with hots.

Please chirp in if bringing supplies below.