Sunday, March 02, 2014

Peninsular Predilection

We were fortunate to enjoy three straight days of perfect north flow out at Kaena Point this week. The first couple of days were pretty well attended, and have already been written up. On the third day I flew a lonely long couple of circuits in light thermals from the point to the drop zone, finishing with some touch and goes at the pasture. Wish I could have talked some folks into joining me for that day!

I was stoked to see Brian hike up the knob at one point during my flight. But then I was crestfallen to watch him struggle with the challenging airflow down on the knob launch, for quite a long time, before finally throwing in the towel. Somehow I had been lucky to have a brief window of NNE flow for my launch. We definitely need to scope out some alternative nearby launch areas for days when the flow is not working right up there.

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