Thursday, May 29, 2014

Better than Borderline

Yesterday’s conditions at Kahana were on the breezy side of brisk, but a clear blue sky dotted with perfect puffy clouds tempted many of us to hike up and give it a try. Seven of us flew throughout the afternoon, and two of us battled fierce headwinds and venturi flows to complete slow and steady circuits between Kualoa and Punaluu.

Jeff called for a report just after I launched, and he asked if it was at least better than borderline. I guess that's how low our weather standards have sunk this season! But I reassured him that it was definitely worth coming out.

Woody took Allegra's boyfriend Colin for his first tandem. Thom got a massive head start on us and blazed across the bay before anyone even knew where he had gone. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to follow but inevitably crossing in opposite directions.

After we landed Duck introduced us to a couple of nice new friends he had met on the beach, and we toasted our good fortune and privilege as the bay reflected the clouds lit up by the setting sun. Thanks to Thom for the refreshments.

Roll call: Thom, me, Woody, Colin, Allegra, Duck, Jeff.

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Thom said...

Love the title and really dig the movies. Only time JJJ is quiet.

Good Fun.