Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gray Monday

The forecast for a lingering shear line on Monday threatened showers and gusty wind, but our eternal optimism prevailed, and many pilots scored a sweet chilly afternoon session at Kahana. Everyone struggled to get started, since the flow on north launch was very cross, wrapping around from the rhino horn, but most pilots got up and away. We navigated many interesting lines between Kualoa and Punaluu, under a high steely gray blanket of clouds.

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Thom said...

FYI JJJ was very displeased with this brief write up. He said even Ike types more in the chatter box!!!There was a spilled coffee and further rants, so I will try to fill in the gaps.

Alex & Jorge were flying there twinn wings, Jorge has gone to IP 7 same color configuration as Alex's.

Alex got off launch before I arrived but stated that he had to struggle to get up. Unlike Miss Allegra that soared like the angel she is.

As I arrived on launch Jorge was stuck with weird cycles coming through. Finally, with Steve's help he grabbed one and headed out. Landing at Kualoa with a retrieve from the First Lady, Dorothy, & family.

Steve took off not finding anything top landed a few times. I was going to give it a go anyway and possibly just head to the beach.

I pulled up poorly, fell on my face and got dragged down the trail. Yes, down the trail it was that cross. But not an excuse, Steve seemed to have no problem.

Steve helped me untangle the wing and reminded me which tip should come up first...oops, back to $chool for me.

I did much better on my 2nd launch and was up but scratching not finiding a darn thing. I almost gave up but got a good bump way out front.

Crossing the bay was easy with this much tail wind but I found coming back from Kualoa a challenge as I pulled back in behind Kaaawa elementary school at 750'.

Weird to fly such opposite conditions then the normal trades. Getting up in areas that just seemed wrong.

The Delta2 treated me great and now I think I just gotta have one.....I know, no surprise, I just can't help it.

Roll Call. Woody, Allegra, Steve, Alex, Jorge, Duck, Jonathan, Berndt.