Monday, June 30, 2014

Colors and Clouds

Makapuu was graced by at least a dozen pilots yesterday, and we kept the skies busy all afternoon between the lighthouse and Green Walls. I think each of the four launches was used at some point during the day. It was light enough to head downrange, but clouds were on the low side, brushing Puu O Kona and Green Walls, so we had to dance some intricate figures to get around them. I spent most of the day flying alongside Thom, admiring the indelible hues of his new ride.


Thom said...

A short one, Thank goodness no time with all the final departure details. See You Chelan!

Mad Dog said...

SideHill, Epic color scheme & I bet it flys even better than it looks, cant wait to cruise with you in the air when you return. Fly high-fly far in Chelan all Hawaiian Monkeys!!!
Aloha Mad Dog

Thom said...

I read the story on my phone and didnt see the pics. Thanks Alex awesome shots. I made it my desktop. Presently in lax awaiting next flight to Seattle