Friday, July 25, 2014

Apres le Deluge, Moi

Don and I enjoyed a first postdiluvian flight at Kahana yesterday, an aerial survey of the flood damage. In addition to the beach having been completely washed out, and some ironwoods being toppled by the outflow, there are huge mudslide scars scored into all of the surrounding ridges from Kaaawa to Punaluu.

We launched from upper north launch, in pretty light flow, figuring we'd head for the pastures below if we sank out. Crossing the bay was a bit nerve-wracking, because we no longer have the option of bailing back to the landing zone if we get too low at the Crouching Lion.

We flew for hours, between Kaaawa and Punaluu, dodging low cloud bands and rising high above others. As the sun was setting behind the mountains, I decided to land at my favorite alternate landing zone, Swanzys, while Don top landed low on the east ridge. Thanks to Logan for retrieving me! He's becoming super useful as a retrieve driver now, just in time for me to lose him to college in a couple of weeks.

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