Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cross Country Chronicles

Strong wind drove some die hard eastsiders to join us at Kahana yesterday. It was great to see Jorge and Maui Doug up north for a change! And great to have Woody back on the island and flying with us! The wind was a little brisk and east but that didn’t stop me, Thom and Jorge from charging to Kualoa and back. The clouds were much higher and more sparse than we’ve seen the last few weeks. We turned around at Kualoa and shot back past Kahana to Punaluu, with Maui Doug tagging along, and then three of us made it back from there. The end of the flying day was marked by a wide variety of exciting landings. Not to mention one exciting landing in the middle of the day!

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Thom said...

Jorge, Mattis, Alex landed at KNA beach all interesting. MauiDoug, Woody and students landed at PUN. I top landed not liking the KNA beach plan and not hearing that a clan went to PUN. Chandler pioneered a landing below Crouching Lion. So, again I say if your flying KNA make sure you know where to land.

Nice pics I got some too I will send to you.