Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Miles of Fun

Ten pilots flocked to Kahana this afternoon, and it was drop dead gorgeous out there. Thom and I flew long looping flights along the upper half of the windward coastline, in mercurial conditions that kept changing back and forth from east to north, and from cloudy to clear. But overall it was smooth and fast flying. We were happy to log our highest scoring ping pong flights of the year, flying up to the very brink of sunset, just like Mad Dog does. Steve made it to Kualoa and back on his freestyle wing, always an impressive feat. Ryan enjoyed his first two tandem flights, including an exciting top landing. What a great day. Here's to more like that!

Thanks to Woody for the retrieve, and thanks to Thom for the Thai food!

Roll call: Woody, Allegra, Matt, Anne, Ryan, Steve, Jeff, Thom, Sharky, me.


Thom said...

Thanks again Alex for the push. I had been leaving first on most of the transitions cause I could see the clock ticking and the sun lowering.
I was about to cash in but Alex pulled me along to go further on the last leg.

Note to self, head lamp for packing up.

It's that time of year again when we can get the long flights but beating the clock will be the challenge.

It's Time to Fly, Pack your lunch and Go!!

Duck said...

Super sweet pics! I wish I could have been there! Thanks for the write-up for us earthbound folks.

Maui Doug said...

Great flight guys! Way to charge it! Also great flights FDave & Euro Mad Dog! Looking forward to seeing the track logs. Wow, awesome flights Doug! I counted over 60 turns in one thermal on your Chelan to Idaho excursion.