Monday, October 06, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Party

I did not want to mention the name, so I will leave it out and try to let everyone guess. I am hoping she doesn't mind me throwing the number out there. Oops, I said she. Well, we have a number of female pilots that have October birthdays. Just which one is it? Okay, now I may have ticked off a few of the other gals that aren't even close to this milestone. Did that help? Now, there is even a picture to the right to really give you a hint, cause they say Twitter is for idiots and Instagram is for those that can't read. But here's a word all monkeys know:


WHO: If you're reading this, then consider it an invite! Yes, that even means you, JetFlap! (I heard you might be sneaking into town.)
WHEN: October 11, 2014. Starting around 6:00. Ending to be determined.
WHERE: Gravity Bay. One of Pete's last hurrahs there (but that's another story).
WHAT: Pot luck food, favorite beverage and a chair. Tent and sleeping bag if you're thinking of trying to keep up with the Birthday Girl.
WHY: It's Ginny's 60th !!! Oops, now I really blew it!


sandy said...

Quit kidding around! It's Lupo's 60th month bday party isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Looking good at 60 Ginny Girl!

Happy B-Day


Rich. said...

Woooo Hoooo!!! Happy 60th Ginny!!!
Sorry to be missing out on all the fun but I have other obligations.