Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday Nov. 15: Meeting, Election, Party!

Last minute plans came together yesterday for our final quarterly meeting of the year. This is the one where we elect (or re-elect) board members and pay our annual dues. Please bring your spouses, friends, students, and canine companions. Pete "Reaper" Michelmore, our next Region 3 director, has kindly offered his Kaneohe bayside mansion, Gravity Bay, as a venue. Please bring food or drink to share.

Pete's house is at 44-375 Kaneohe Bay Drive. It has a long green picket fence with a windsock. It's located between the marine base and the yacht club.


vin said...

sorry, dumb questions. what time is party, what time is election/meeting, and how much are dues?

Alex said...

Typically we'll get together around 6, or later if it's a good flying day and people are straggling in. Once we determine that most folks have shown up and filled their plates, we'll call the meeting to order, usually around 7. We try to keep the business brief and then the party resumes. At the end of this final quarterly meeting of the year we'll elect board members for next year. Annual dues are $20, cash or check.