Thursday, December 04, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

Our flying weather has really gone to the dogs. The morning outlook on paper and charts looked promising, but the onsite reports from Kahana left us chasing our tails. The sensors at Makapuu were blowing dogs off chains, so instead of taking a left or right off the Pali, my leash dragged me to town to go to work. I finished early, around 3 PM, and I figured I'd take the scenic route and maybe catch some whales on the east shore. My glider was bored, so I let it stick its leading edge out the window to catch some air. Driving along past Sandy Beach, I habitually looked up, and there was a wing in the air. Holy Bird Dogs!

It was still strongish, but worth the hike up to Juice to check it out. Maui Doug was on his FreeStyle, there were three speed wings up, and I could see one regular wing, which turned out to be Flash. I launched and started feeling it out. A little gusty but doable. I poked my head around the corner towards Puu O Kona, but it was too strong for XC today. At least I was getting some much needed airtime.

During the flight, we got a distress call via Alex, stating that someone had gone over the back near Green Walls. I didn't see the speed wingers, so I was guessing it may have been one of them. But then Flash let me know that it was his buddy Colorado Garrett. He was very lucky to land okay on the other side and got a ride back.

The air was lumpy, but it was still definitely worth the shot of Sky-alis, and it was great to air out the wing. Visitor Peter launched his M6, only to have a locked cravat, and had to make his way to the LZ. A few drops started to hit me, although I couldn't tell where from, since the clouds didn't look that dark, but I headed in.

While we were folding up, Franky launched for a quick flight. Flash, Becky and the flying pup gave me a ride to my truck, where we met Garrett for a quick debriefing and a birthday scolding.

MPU Roll Call: MauiDoug, Flash, Becky and Pup, CO Garrett, Peter, three speedies, Franky and me.

So, even if it's not perfect,

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!

You never know when another bone will get tossed your way.

1 comment:

sandy said...

Great theme! The little dog jumped over the moon (while CO Garrett jumped over the hill).

I was trying to kite under that big beautiful moon, but the strong gusts were just too frequent and sustained for such sport.

Or should it be --
Hey waggle waggle,
The Flash and the gaggle,
the COG jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed
to see such a sport,
and the cayenne ran away with the june.

(don't worry Jim, no running away really, no skywalks were harmed in the making of this ditty, but clearly a lack of flying has tainted my mind, so maybe you should worry)