Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reaper Hits the Trifecta

It's been a banner year for Peter Michelmore, once again, and quite the trifecta for the month of December! First, the purchase of a house. Yes, Reaper now has a big ass … mortgage! Second, being the first Hawaii pilot to be elected as Region 3 Director for USHPA, god help them. Third, as you all know, Reaper is a little crazy: but at least he's got a full deck … on this, his 52nd birthday. So, you're all invited to a house warming, with birthday candles, to celebrate our new USHPA Director!


WHEN:  Friday Night, December 19, right before the TFR starts, til … who cares, we won't be flying for over two weeks anyway.

WHERE: the new Gravity HQ on 660 Palawiki Street in Kailua.

BRING: the usual.


Divot Steve said...

Congrats Reaper! Sorry I cant be there. Can't wait to see the new house when I get back though. See all you monkeys in January.

TomM said...

This is all great news! Except for knowing he's younger than I am. I hate that. I'll think of you guys on Friday. Mele Kalikimaka everyone!!

Thom said...

Sorry story announcement was corrected.

Reaper is Actually 52 this birthday.

Gravity said...

The party is at 660 Palawiki street, Kailua.
Cya all friday night. I'll be 52 plus one day.
Been a hard year, banner year, and god help us all next year...


ka'a'awa Larry said...

Its a shame you couldn't wait a couple of days then maybe your buddy Barack could attend.😁😁😁