Saturday, January 31, 2015

To 'B' or Not to 'B'

Definitely 'B' but barely! Poor Jack has had a brand new Ozone Enzo2 sitting in my office for weeks. His only chance of getting it over his head has been on Friday lay-overs, none of which have been even close to flyable. It was worse for me as I cracked the plastic packing larvae just to smell it and I have been on the ground for way too long. At least Jack has had some flights. Okay, in the control seat of a 737, but it's still a flight, right? Okay, that's the "Not to B" part of this log, cause Jack considers that to be w**k, a very bad word. The "To B" part almost didn't happen, but we pulled it off.

The main gaggle was heading to HDH early, and from the numbers that was the call for the day. I had coffee with another layover pilot, JK. He was eager to get another flight on his Delta2 before heading to Columbia with Ike. He was trying to get me to call in sick, make the kids walk home from school and make Jack take the bus, I had a full schedule today. I had hopes of heading to Makapuu with Jack for an afternoon session but as the day grew on those hopes were north and cloudy.

Finished the job, grabbed Jack at the hotel and we went for a cruise. Hate to call it a chase but in reality that's what it was. We stopped by Diamond Head for grins with numbers 190 @ 8 we thought wouldn't it be cool to sneak one in. Cool went to cold, it was sunny and lite. Jack had remembered flying here back when the garden was the launch. He really liked the obstacle at the East launch of the park and can't believe it's still there. DH was Not to B along with KKC and KKH.

We stopped at Manics, it was strong and due North venturing slightly NW on occasion. DH is South and MPU is North, what a microclimate we have. It was pretty strong and Jack decided although he might get it, not worth the chance of damage to a brand new wing. He contemplated staying in the LZ and kiting or at least looking at his new machine, but he's a comp pilot, they just fly. He continued his second seat ride to my house.

I only had to pick up Kalei as it was, Maile was already home, so she and Mochi entertained Jack while I fetched Kalei. Dropping her off at the house, I got a call from Donna, "Who is in the living room?". Darn cameras, she's always keeping a watchful eye. "It's just Jack, Maile and Mochi, oh and Kalei now." She knows I haven't flown in awhile and was hoping we were going. I looked toward the Koolaus and Olomana, no its Not to B, I informed her.

Jack and I headed back toward MPU with COSTCO as goal.  On the way, Alex had texted, so I gave him a call. He briefed me on the HDH crew, 2 were still on launch and they had some interesting long flights. I couldn't take it, I gave the hush sign to Jack. "Ya, I got a short one out of Manics, I am on my way to Waihole to get Jack." Alex was glad Jack got a flight......I had to fess up as I handed Jack the phone.

We arrived at Manics, it was still blowing through but getting lighter, almost at that point where you know you could launch but if you went right, would you get up? Jack mentioned Cactus. I had never launched there this North or even thought of hiking it when there was this kind of flow at Manics. Jack really wanted to at least lay out his new wing, so we hiked.

As Jack was unpacking the wind felt strong but doable. I asked him what color he got. Jack pondered, "You know, I forgot, I really don't know." So it was like Christmas as he dug through the wrappings. Now, you will know why the title is To 'B' as opposed to a Shakespearean To Be. Jack after a few attempts at launching this snakey beast said the 'B' lines were the way to go to control it on the way up. I will bet, you all thought I just couldn't spell, JJ Jameson has been over my shoulder shaking his head all morning, thankfully Alex got that story up above to mellow him out.

Jack, after 3 wild attempts tamed the beast and flew off with ease. I had last pilot on launch syndrome with a few snags but soon followed on my Cayene4. We flew the light house until the dark belly monsters started spitting at us. Jack was full of smiles at the LZ, he said it was great to be back under an Ozone, especially this one. He said, "Next time I am back you should try it." I replied, "Little out of my league and you have been second seat with me all day, too." I got a quiet retraction as he reminded himself that seat belts in my truck are not an option.

It was just a lighthouse flight, with some interesting launches. I drove Jack back dropped him off then dashed to the airport to pick up 'B'onnie. Yup, she's back for a bit and she promised great flying weather, she's hoping to out do 'B'ill's present to us while he was here, which was the last time I had an XC flight. You see 2 more B's get it!!!!

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and make it "To B"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MPU Roll Call: Jack and Thom


sandy said...

I *knew* or at least was hoping right from the start that it was about using "B" line for launch control -- perhaps because of the picture of the obviously brand new, never kited wing (I mean *who* folds their *that* well, but the factory?!) -- or perhaps because it's one of those things I wonder about with all the new line layouts emerging. As I fear leaving the safety of my 4-line wing for one of these 3-liners, finding the "C" rear riser of the 3-liner not so nice as the "C" of the 4-liner for control, but the "B" is not quite right either. I've wondered what works best for these 2-liners (not that I'll ever fly one, but I just wonder, sadly doing more thinking about flying than actual flying).

Glad you all got to "B"!

And ALOHA to "B"onnie!!

akparajack said...

Thanks again Thom for chasing it around with me... The problem with the Bs is that most times it won't stay completely symmetrical as it comes overhead, and when you transition off the Bs to the brakes, things can and usually do get interesting as the glider loads up - as you saw first hand!!