Monday, March 02, 2015

Chasing Waterfalls

It’s always interesting to fly the day after a big rain. Usually it means a muddy ocean, a muddy trail, and damp or muddy gear. But on Saturday at Kahana it also meant extra waterfalls everywhere. For instance, there was a waterfall running down the cliff face of the valley between east and north launch, feeding the stream that usually trickles across the north trail. But on this day the stream was a raging whitewater rapid, four feet across. Four of us leaped over that maelstrom to score improbable flights in the northest of conditions, three of us making it across the bay.

We had to wait out quite a few squall lines and showers before we got off the hill. Then Steve kited up and launched and top landed multiple times before the direction came around enough for us to stay up. Thanks for being the guinea pig! I mean the lead scientist! But once we were up it was working like crazy, and we all crossed the bay without even thinking about it.

In addition to the waterfall between the launches, there was also a nice waterfall in the ravine on the other side of the rhino horn. Then across the bay there was a waterfall on the cliff face just before Hidden Valley. And of course the really tall waterfall in Hidden Valley was super spectacular.

Steve ended up going back to land at Kahana, but Jeff and I had fun setting up landings at Swanzys, one of my favorite landing zones. There were lots of folks camping there, and a bunch of kids ran up to check us out after we landed. They asked a lot of awesome questions about paragliding, including this one: what’s the fastest car? Well I guess they ask everyone that. They had money on a Lamborghini. But Jeff and I both said Tesla made a faster one. I don’t know how I knew that, but Jeff knew the name of the car and everything.

Later we met Jonathan out there, and he did some kiting before running up for the last flight of the day, the sunset session.

What a great day scoring an unlikely squall dodging cross country window in super north conditions.

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Thom said...

Ok couple of things.

First thanks for the read, I know there is another so I am going to get another cup of coffee for JJ Jameson in a second.

Second, I hope Steve realizes just how lucky he is that he not only survived but graduated with honors from Soar Kahana PG School. Every time I watch any of Woody's students kite off of launch like this video displays it makes me realize how poor of a launcher I am. These guys and gals are so good and it will be a pleasure watching them for years to come. Thanks Robert 'Woody' Edwards adding some great pilots to this crazy monkey barrel.

Third, well I have to say that Iphone6 is something else. These movies should be on their add.

Fourth, the water features were great

Fifth, I thought it was Super North, odd approach at Swanzy for a North flow landing. But great job keep with the mitigation landing away from all the tenters.

Ok, going for coffee.

I hope some day,

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Galoshes on and Go!!