Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dream Weekend

For three straight days, the forecasters stubbornly repeated a dire prediction for breezy conditions and showers. And for three straight days, we were delighted to prove them wrong. Over a dozen pilots flocked to Kahana each day for a variety of surprisingly good thermal and cross country missions, ranging from Laie to Waikane, and topping out at four grand. We ignored the forecast and just enjoyed the heck out of this surprise streak of perfect cross country weather! Or perhaps it was all just a dream, as Thom suggested. But my phone is jammed with over a thousand pictures from those three days, so I’m pretty sure it really happened! Here’s hoping for more dreamy weekends like that!

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Thom said...

I pinched myself woke up to a little ink and a little color.

It was a pretty good weekend even by my ridiculously tough standards. A few bay crosses for me and a trip to Haaula with Alex and Woody. Almost more visitors than locals, where was everybody!!!!Makapuu, we heard reports from that end.

I even double dipped one day, flew Kahana had to work a bit then flew Makapuu. Total pilots at both areas dismal!

Come on were you watching the Merrie Monarch! Even Ike made it out and hiked so many days in a row that he needed to get two massages.....poor guy.

I am guessing everyone is fighting for the coveted dodo award, EXTINCT Bird.

NO more excuses. The way our weather patterns have been, you must be ready to Seize the Day!!!

So Come On, It's Time to Fly, Find Your Gear and Go!!! We'll give you directions to launch even.