Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 Year-end Meeting

First and foremost, we must thank Peter "The Reaper" Michelmore, for letting us into his remodeled home and once again hosting our disorderly band of monkeys. Pete, always the teacher, demonstrated the proper method of losing the bottom of your wine glass while at the same time finding it. Yes, the meeting surely had some wildness, and if you were there, well, you know. If you were not, then you will have to suffer the consequences of a Reaper Story, the scale of which I do not have the time to type. The minutes of the meeting to follow...

This was our annual membership meeting, to renew our membership and to vote for the poor bastards that have to be on the board of this motley group. There were a few items that were covered as well.

A moment of silence was held for a fallen pilot, Robert "Kauai Bob" McCord. We lost Bob this year to a parachuting accident while he was visiting Oahu. He was a representative of Kauai Island, and more so, a well loved member of the paragliding, skydiving, skiing, climbing and other outdoor adventure communities. We will all miss you, Kauai Bob. May you watch over us as we fly on. Aloha.

Alex continued the meeting with a few brief announcements.

Keep a written permit for the use of Makapuu in your flight bag. Contact Alex or Dave Goto to obtain one of these, as it may become necessary to show to authorities upon landing.

Dillingham is under threat of enforcement, but it is still flyable. Offer respect to all that you come in contact with out there to maintain relations.

Reaper announced his resignation as Region 3 director due to time constraints.  We all thank you for your service to USHPA and Region 3. Our first Hawaii member to USHPA Board!

Our own local election was "Rigged", as we decided to keep the status quo in lieu of ballots, pens and counting.  We all know the outcome would be the same as it has been for years. To expedite the process, a show of hands to allow a status quo vote was made, and the election of officers was to remain the same. Alex would get the electoral as well as the popular vote with the only 'nay' vote coming from himself. As your treasurer, I am only to do the financial report. As the former secretary, I have yet to train the present officer to ink these reports. I wish JJ Jameson were still around; I am sure he'd get that job done too.

Meeting was adjourned with some other incidental items slurred out, as the consumption of various fermented nectars ensued. Birthday wishes to Fireman Dave and his Mom in law. Special cheers to Tommy RD and his soon to be wife, Serena, on their engagement.

2016 has been a rough one for myself, but that's another whole story that would even put the Reaper to sleep. Our membership has dwindled, with movements to the mainland by Steve 'Divot' Philips to God foresaken Boston, Gary 'Gaza' Ruhm and Laurel Swan off to populate upstate New York, Steve Lynch to the East to render family aid and Harvey to points unknown and last sighted on Maui. Last, but by no means least, our bongo playing monkey Garrett, off traveling the US mainland with his land yacht and tow boat. Find him if you want to get launched to fly, or if you have a heavy heart that needs a lift. Remember: once an HPA monkey, always a monkey.

Attendance, well, I'll do that with a count of dues contributors:

Paul "MotorHead" Kunzl                            Paid
Raimar "B-Ray" Bylaardt                           Paid
Larry "Kaaawa Larry" Williams                 Paid
Don "Ike" Ikenberry                                   Paid
John Russell and June "Sandy Sreka          Paid (by check with correct year on it this time)
Rich "Sawzall" Olsen                                 Paid
Reece Harter (wants a call sign...yikes)     Paid
Mike 5-0 Fujiwara                                      Paid ( Not present, Joey paid. Where were u and Ces?)
Joey Saikin                                                 Paid
Dave 'Fireman' Taratko                              Paid and got bit by Mochi (only kidding, but she wanted to)
Allegra Coleman                                        Paid
Tommy 'RD' Prindle                                  Paid
Frank 'Awol' Highsmith                             Paid ( Not present....or.....was he??)
John 'Duck' Mallard                                   Paid
Claud 'Scrappy' Philips                              Paid
Thom 'Sidehill' Therrien                            Paid
Alex "Duracell" Colby                               Paid
                                                                    $360.00 Will be deposited.

Others that were there that did not get cornered by me:

Jorge Atramiz, Peter Michelmore (couldn't find the bottom of his wallet), Justin Boer, Nikki Johnson, Shawn Chun

Missing in action and hope to see soon:

Jonathan JK Smith, Jeff McCloud, 5-0 (but paid), Maui Doug, Lake Gibby, Frank Awol (paid mysteriously), Kevin Fowler, Matt Lawrence, Jim One-Eye Simmons, Thomas Keefer, Drew Char, Steven Wright, Kristina Wright, Marc Collins, Matt Martin, Anne Martin, James Alaggio, Chris 'Mad Dog' Pliska, Eric 'Sharky' Schrottke, Ginny Coe and Lupo, Dave Nichols, Jon Goldberg-Hiller.

Special thanks to Dorothy for conjuring up some gourmet tasty treats that we all sampled.


swan said...

Lots of love from Gaza and Swan! We miss our flying monkey family and wish we could have joined you!! Gaza is convinced we can create a flying site on our land here in NY. Hope to see you all here when we pull it off ... or at the very least when we return to Hawaii to escape the cold now and then. Aloha friends!!

Lynch said...

Wishing I coulda been there. With the close hunting season some flying sites just reopened in the Rochester area. Now I just need to brace for the single digit temperatures! Fly high, far and safe in 2017 everybody. Happy holidays and aloha from the northeast!!