Saturday, May 27, 2017

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Wabbits!

Makapuu was in stellar form yesterday. Elmer did shoot down any chances of a 'vewy wong twip' north but he did get to circle a wabbit and took a couple of shots!!!!!!!! Friday morning routine was the same, get up make coffee, laundry and house hold chores. Got a call from Reaper. I told him, I had been sick for weeks. He said,"Bull$h!], you have been flying, I saw the video." I ran to the computer, a flight filmed, edited and scored by Alex which should be up for an Oscar. I just had to get this plug in, because his subject is so darn good looking ... and the mountains ain't bad either.

Ok, back to Friday, I stopped at JK's to drop off some items and told him I am calling in sick to go fly. He said he would be there later after his airport run. Laura his wife stepped in and said, "JK, I will go pick up Bonnie and Jarred, you go with Thom." Well, I have never seen JK scramble so fast and in seconds we were off.

On route we got a call from the Prez: he was out today, most likely won't make it to fly a mission, he had to take Amelia to a school function. He would be with Amelia alllllllll day. JK looked at the range, it was ready for the taking, and he said,"Poor Amelia". Yup, nothing worse than being near a grounded pilot, believe me, I know.

Pilots were already in the air when we arrived, getting the early shift. JK and I decided we were heading down range with Fireman, Shawn and Jorge who was on a tandem. I was last to launch for the adventures. Still haven't got my head glued back completely but I left Iron Woods in hopes of a great hunt. Dave was up on Green Walls reporting it to be lumpy, ups and downs. I got to Puu Kona and followed Shawn toward the resevoir. My bump tolerance was not liking it so I headed back to the playground of Makapuu.

Alex and Flash later ventured down to Green Walls and tried to lure JK and me, but we decided it looked dark and not very inviting and we stayed local. During the LZ debrief Alex stated that the lift was weak back there, but it was 'fun'.

Pilots were abundant with a surprise visit from Bonnie 'BonBon' Bonkers who will be here for a few days with her new partner Jarred. They have matching Little Clouds and fly together like bookends.

JD has returned to the monkey barrel so welcome home JD!! We are getting another new monkey, Rachelle, She is a visiting nurse and will be here on contract this winter, for '3-months'. I think we heard that before, Fast Eddie was on that deal and somehow stayed for years and he's trying to get back! So, welcome Rachelle. Matthias is in town, he's lost visitor status cause he's here too often, just move here already!

Just when you think the monkey barrel is getting empty we have a day like this at Makapuu. Roll Call: Fireman Dave, Jorge, Sidehill, JK, the King of Kahana, Alex, and both Earls of Kahana, One-Eye and Stalker, Allegra, Shawn, Flash, Superman (formerly RD), Frank, Maui Doug, Rachelle, JD, Matthias, Bonnie, Jarred, King of the Hangies, Goto, and Mike. If you were there and not here please comment in.

Keeping this one short and sweet. I will try to get more ink on this blog now that my wings are back and stroking keys is not so painful. I know, I owe an accident report and I will work on it, re-living that part is not high on my list but it has to be done. Alex has changed mediums to film, which when warrants, will be tagged in these tales so we can archive his brilliant work. I have to admit that even JJJ somewhere is watching an HD monitor and blaming the cigar smoke for the tears in his eyes as he ogles Alex's latest creation.

Oh God, I never thought I would say this again and hopefully you all will not mind me saying.
"Its Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!!!"


Bon Bon said...

Wooooo!!! Nice write-up! It was fun flying with you guys!! 😊

sandy said...

Indeed it's time! Glad to read and see (at least on video) you flying again. Hope we can soar to great heights together today.

bodyguard said...

I really hope I can fly this site in October when I am visiting from Australia. It's one of the reasons I am coming over

Puka Wai said...

Yay! Great to see you back in the air, Thom. Excellent video, perfect editing, just a couple of months too late: Easter is a more fitting holiday for this debut than Memorial Day...