Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Shoot Out at O-Kna Corral

Today started like every other day, pot a coffee on the fire and packing old Frontier with supplies for a trip up North. While chewing and swallowing down my first cup of mud, I surveyed a Blip map and put my nose to the Iwind. Finally a telegraph from Broken Toe Colby reading, 'High Noon'(stop) 'O-Kna Corrall' (stop) 'Be There' (stop).  It was time to load up and trek North.

Tuesdays have always been a bad day for dying, February 9th 2016 was a Tuesday and I dam near ended up in Boothill, toes up sort of speak. But the Doc screwed and pinned me back together and out of the dust I rose.  Today was a Tuesday, when you gotta draw your wing on a Tuesday, it better be a good one, this time the weapon of choice, Rush4. Handles like a dream. Reloads fast and effortlessly as I found out.

Met up with old Broken Toe, he was twitching and ready for a show down range. He let me know that our Indian scout, Head in Clouds Collins, was already up on the Eastern Pass. A few smoke signals were spotted, we strapped on our packs and started the climb to O-Kna Corrall

It didn't take long for the bullets to start flying, these hot little twisters were jolting my saddle making it buck like a bronco. Finally, I harnessed my trusty Skypper and ducked into the Valley of the Rhino Horn while the Thermic Tribes re-loaded.  Broken Toe had followed Head in Clouds over to the Punaluu Ridge while I kept my head down at the O-Kna Corrall. After several attempts to lasso one of the twisting doggies I reached the top and headed out over the Bay.  By then Broken Toe and Head in Clouds were on my line.  We were headed East for Kualoa Ranch, where we would stock up with elevation supplies and head Southerly toward the treacherous Pyramid Peak.

Arriving at Kualoa the winds had changed. Something was in the air, it was calmer, direction changed and it seemed peaceful....................a bit too peaceful.  Head in Clouds caught a strange smell. He stayed back at Kaaawa and hid where he hides best, high in the wet white cotton fields.

The pass to Pyramid Peak was closed, Broken Toe headed over to China Man's Hat Saloon as I was loading up with a last few turns. Suddenly, I was ambushed, I had crept a little too far down Lee Side Lane where I crossed the Rotor Gang. They whacked me with a frontal blow  and then tipped me on both sides, I was going down. How many dirt naps can I dodge.  Broken Toe was too far away to back me up but he heard me say, "Hands Up".  The Rush4 snapped into shape, I fired and over came the Rotor Gang. Lucky, I had my Rush4.

We headed back, I pulled into the O-Kna Keyhole Stable followed by Broken Toe. Head in Clouds had to do a few laps to dry out, must have been in the White Room Bar for way too long, I heard they water down their drinks too!!

We were entertained by a few Saloon Ladies, Wing Dancer Christina and one of Trainer Steve's newest additions to the Flying Ladies, Miss Margo.

Roll Call: Broken Toe played by Alex Colby, Head in Clouds played by Marc Collins, Wing Dancer played by Christina Wright, Trainer Steve played by Steve Wright.  Congratulation to Miss Margo on her first winged performance.

Of course I was there too and I am here to say,

Its Time to Fly, Get The Right Gear and Go!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out for the Rotor Gang too.


Anonymous said...

Great writing Thom!

Tommy (Superman)

Thom said...

This little ditty was meant to be entertaining but also a be careful not to stay in up air as it travels over the back (LeeSide) if your not very much above the ridge. I thought I was, They say always follow the face of the flow up the windward side and fly over the back at no less than a 45 degree angle. Any less than that you might get caught in the area where the wind starts to roll over (Rotor). I kept turning in a flow that was not very lifty and hence I was not high enough when I broke the plane where the air changes from up to rotor. Thankfully the Rush 4 enB after getting thrashed opened right up. From Alex's view it looked like I was folding it up to put it away. During the debrief on the ground Alex also noticed that my harness was getting thrashed around. If in a POD when you come under attack, get into a seated position in lieu of the leg straight out to help stabilize the harness. Hands up is usually a hard thing to remember cause yanking on the brakes seems like the right thing to do but Hands up let the glider do its thing, then get the hell out of there. The bullets that were flying were snotty thermals in case the analogy escaped you. Alex grabbed them and circled right to 2600+ while I just could not get on the merry go round which was not too merry. The analogy of the Wet White Cotton and the name Head in Clouds I am hoping is understandable. Remember on the mainland and even here those cotton fields can sneak up on you and send you to Boothill.
Ok just wanted to make sure that I didn't shoot myself in the foot for making this sound like just another story. Fly Safe.

firedave2 said...

Great training session Thom. You'll be top form by the Rat.

Thom said...

Or I will be burning through my underwear.

Unknown said...

LOL. Glad you made it out alive again.

Unknown said...

Visiting pilot from colorado wondering if anyone wants to trade a tandem flight for dinner and beers on me. Work trip so no room or time to bring my own gear but would love the chance to soar with you monkeys. Give me a call! 303.521.0489 Benny G