Monday, July 24, 2017

Double Vision

Feeling down and dirty, feeling kinda mean
I've been from one to another extreme
It's time I had a good time, ain't got time to wait
I wanna stick around till I can't see straight

Fill my eyes with that double vision
No disguise for that double vision
Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
My double vision gets the best of me

Never do more than I, I really need
My mind is racing, but my body's in the lead
Tonight's the night, I'm gonna push it to the limit
I live all of my years in a single minute

Ok, now the translation to flying terms!

Marc and I had to hike twice, since Marc failed a crossing and I had bombed out. So we were "feeling down and dirty and maybe a little mean." The double vision is for the poor folks on the beach and even in the air that did not know who was who this day. Marc and I are on the same color Rush 4. Ike and Joey are on the same color Delta 2. Marc is flying a lot, and sometimes I get the credit on Alex's photo shoots.

Yesterday was fun, but I had to hike twice. While of course I "never do more than I really need," apparently I needed it bad.

We had several pilots in the air yesterday and more crossing the bay than usual. Then we all gathered at the Colby Ranch for a long overdue meeting. Martin from USHPA was at our meeting, and he got grilled for insurance information. Duck didn't grill but he made some the best pizzas any of us had ever had. I am still trying to pass the ghost peppers. Just a short note to let you all know that we all did fly, and we had a meeting.

Air roll call: Alex, Ike, Martin, Thom, Tommy, Dave, JK (new Delta3), Jeff, Sandy, Marc, Drew, Joey. Ginny was on pooch watch, thank you.

Meeting: Alex, Ike, Martin, Thom, Tommy, Dave, JK, Jeff, Sandy, Marc, Drew, Joey, Serena, Scrappy, Kris, Kim, Frosty and friend, Little Frosty, Amelia, Duck, Ginger, Owen and Riley, Johnimo, Steven, Kristina, Laura, Josh, JD, Melinda.

So, when "I live all of my years in a single minute," then...

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!! But for way longer than a minute, or you'll have to hike again.

Alex's pictures from fly-in and meeting:


Alex said...

Thom, thanks for the write up! I don't know how we got lucky enough to delay the remnants of hurricane Fernanda just long enough but we sure did. That was one of the nicest and most interesting flying days ever delivered before a meeting and party. Was it one in forty? Perhaps.

sandy said...

Very clever Thom! It was a great day in the end, very challenging early, more rewarding late, and great pizza, club business and comaraderie to top it off. Let's get our gear and go because it's time you (and we all) had a good time, ain't got time to wait!