Sunday, September 24, 2017


I usually get up, grind some beans and let the morning start off with a percolation of coffee. But there was a rumor going around last night about a morning mission, well, at 6:00 am I got the text.  Master Jorge sent out his eta for Makapuu 6:25ish.  No time to grind, I headed out to Makapuu.

Jorge had to suffer through the bike race traffic We launched from crazies just around 7:00 am. missing the sunrise.  I think this was my first dawn patrol at Makapuu, it was magic.

Jorge wanted to snap some photo's over Makapuu beach. As you all know, I am a little camera shy so it took me a very long second to say yes and follow his directions.

It was so strange, like flying on an air hockey rink that extended well over the water and the entire Waimanalo Valley.  We never really had to go to the ridge, lift was bountiful, smooth and gentle. Even, Jorge broke his usual silence, "Mr. Thom, I don't believe this air, it is like butter."

We scooted around Makapuu for a bit.  The call of Waimanalo and the Green Walls finally coaxed us that way.  I never turned except one time to smile at Jorge's camera I actually could not stop smiling.

Over Power line 1, then 2 then 3 still going up straight out to Puu Kona, still going up went left kept going.  Cloud base was lower than we wanted, we looked at Olomana and Lanikai it would have been an easy jaunt out there and back even.  We didn't know what to do.

Jorge kept asking me how I was doing as this was as far as I have gone since I rose from the ashes.  I said, "This is weird, I almost fell asleep on the way to Lanipo it was so smooth." "What should we do".  Then there were a few black bellies lingering around with one of them letting loose over the water. We decided to stay local and headed back to Makapuu for some light house shots.

Never went back to the range, just cruised through Waimanalo flats still going up and maintaining. We were getting a little hungry but we were afraid to land, like one of those dreams that you never want to wake up from.  Jorge framed some amazing shots over the light house.  Hunger started to win.  We landed reluctantly and as we folded up One-Eye launched from crazies.

Everyone, you gotta fly one of these morning flights.  I am not sure it will always be like this fine morning but Jorge said he's doing it again soon. But he wants to go earlier to get the sunrise.

Thanks for the text this morning because It was definitely

 Time to Fly, Forget Your Coffee and Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Great Pictures Jorge, I am sure there are a bunch more.


firedave2 said...

Great write-up. I have a name for your afternoon session that day, "Origami". Sean "OJ" Chun and I were in the air waiting for Thom to launch from Crazys and group up. In the next 45 minutes he managed to fold and twist his glider into every shape he could get. He even got a spectator to give a hand and his spectator fell down the hill, fortunately uninjured. By the time Thom got in the air he snapped a brake line at the fan and essentially landed safely with one brake. Sean and I got tired of the show and headed off downrange.

Christopher said...

I missed the early session but caught the next run too much fun flying with you all till next time,
Mahalo, Christopher

Anonymous said...

You are really making me hungry!! Thom is toming again which adds incentive for my return. Hope my hibernating wing is feeling my closeness, See you soon, monkeys!!