Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Go Vote Yourself!

UPDATE: The USHPA Governance Election voting closed on 2/21, and the final tally had the Governance Proposal passing in favor of the smaller 10 member board.

Voting is open for the USHPA Governance Election. In short, you vote 'NO' if you want USHPA to continue with the same 26 member governing board, 'YES' if you are in favor of the smaller 10 member governing board.
Some information is here:
You should have received an email and a postcard with a voting code, the election is until 2/21/2019. USHPA would like to see a strong turnout either way. For those of you who inevitably ask how to vote. Dave Goto is against the change, Alex is for. This is meant in no way to influence your vote, they both have strong arguments, so educate yourself and make your own choice. Any comments are welcome. Happy flying!

1 comment:

Thom said...

Thanks Mr. President.

This needs to be done but can we get a briefing maybe from both sides that actually read and understand the YES NO deliberation.

Who is the region 3 director to be voted on?

I never got the post card code or if I did it got tossed possibly.
Can we call to get a new number? Why the hell did they do that anyway!!

I guess I can call Trump and get the Russians to Hack it.

Hopefully Dave G. can explain the NO keep same and Alex can explain Yes smaller government.

Good Job Mr. President.