Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Flying suspended restored at Kahana and Makapuu


As of March 5 the Kahana permit is renewed and we are good to go. 
As of March 12 the Makapuu permit is renewed and we are good to go.

Once again we are running late with our annual USHPA insurance renewal. This year we have different excuses but the outcome is the same: it's going to be late again. Dave Goto just called me to confirm that the HG club is in the same boat. In the meantime activities at both Kahana and Makapuu will be suspended as of March 1 until the insurance is back in place. Dave Goto says the Makapuu LZ is off limits, and that includes Frank's spot according to the language of the permit. Hopefully we will see the insurance renewed within a week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your cooperation. Contact me or Fireman Dave or Dave Goto with any questions!