Wednesday, May 01, 2019

A Friend's Passing, Sunday May 5th

Aloha friends, sorry to pass on the news of Miss Doris Tilden's passing early this morning. Tim asked me to let everyone know. What a unique, intelligent and engaging person she was. I just returned from Monterey, and will let you all know what is in the works. Tim said that she passed peacefully in her sleep. Heartfelt condolences to the Tilden family.

Mike van Dorn and I were planning a small get together at the LZ to remember John Walbert's first flight off of Makapuu on May 5th, 1973, this Saturday at 2:00. I'll have some beer, pupus, and tents. Possibly a barbecue. But that would be an appropriate and nice time to raise a glass to toast the life of a beautiful woman. Mike, Brant and I could plan a flight, drop some flowers and land at 2:00.

Peace, Goto

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Thom said...

Dave please keep us posted, possibly on Chat box or send me an email or test and I will get the word out.

Thanks for letting us know.