Thursday, May 30, 2019

Through the Window

Just a quick write up of yesterday’s flight from Makapuu. I finished my work just as Shawn called me to tell me it was looking good. I went home and everyone had things to do, so I grabbed my glider and said something about being back in an hour. 

At Makapuu, there were a bunch of gliders in the air. I threw my glider on Crazys and Marcelo joined me. We took off and climbed up, passing Thom, Shawn and 5-0 at Ironwoods. They were talking on the radio about not liking the air around Pu'u O Kona. First rule of Makapuu XC flying: The roughest air is always before Pu'u O Kona. Something about the local effect of the sea breeze. 

Marcelo flies deeper and climbs faster than me on that bright colored Buzz, but the Zeno going straight is pretty hard to keep up with, but he was doing great often higher and deeper in the clouds. 

Pretty easy flying, smooth with wide lift and clouds around 2400’. At the Pali I took a break to call Kaneohe Tower for permission to transition the Class D. They always sound a little bothered by the request but always give the okay. 

Easy flying in around the clouds until Waiahole. The lift was getting a little scarcer and I mentioned to Marcelo that it would be easy to fly back to Makapuu, he said that it didn’t sound interesting, so we continued heading north. Marcelo soon got low and went out front behind MauiDougKS and flew low into the sunny lee-side of the little hill and climbed back up. 

I headed out for the Pyramid with Marcelo behind. I looked at the Booga run and even considered flying back into it, but want sure if there would be lift way back there. On the Pyramid ridge I climbed steadily in very light lift. Marcelo arrived super low and had to go in to land at Coral Kingdom. 

I saw Alex flying at Kahana, not with my eyes but on my FlySkyHi screen. I finally found the thermal and then could see Alex and Marc with my eyes. I headed out Kaaawa valley to the front, there was lift there but it was micro light, like 20 fpm. At 1000’ climbing back up to cloudbase might take an hour. I just went cruising. Buzzed Kahana east launch for a top landing, but headed into the beach to land. George was getting ready to hike up for his second flight of the day. 

I pulled the Uber card and in eight minutes I barely finished packing and was in an Uber headed to Makapuu. The driver was a colorful Yorkie ex commando with tons of stories. We grabbed Marcelo and drove home.


Mike F said...

Awesome flight Dave and Marcelo. Nice write up of your adventure. Yeah, saw you two zoom pass me at Iron Woods. I kept sinking a lot when ever I tried to head to Puu Kona. Then my radio crapped out. I couldn't transmit only receive, then nothing. Stayed local.

firedave2 said...

I typed the story with my right thumb sitting on a plane departing for New York. We were climbing out after takeoff when I hit send.

JaysonB said...

Always enjoy your write-ups Dave! nice flight buddy. have fun back east.

Thom said...

Holly Molly an actual coffee read. I tried when the ink was wet but the color was hard to read. I am guessing worked his editorial magic and this a.m. I had a coffee read.

Reece had flown over 2 hours at Makapuu before I got there and said it was perfect. She left, I launched told her to be ready to come to Kahana to pick me up.

Thanks Dave and needed to hear that it is always rough on the way to Puu Kona. I remember doing that route quite a few times and perhaps my bump tolerance is getting weak. On my way to Puu Kona had several snotty lifts. When I saw Shawn headed back from Puu Kona high I figured it was no good that way, took another snotty lift before the power lines crossing, put my tail between my legs and headed back. Saw you zip past and muttered a good luck, like you need it.

I don't think I have done many crossings with you in the mix of our xcountry except for railroad tracks, foggy mountain passes and a bear or two which were adventures to say the least.

Next time your feeling it that way and I am wavering, just say what you said in Pemby when we slid to a stop before the train tracks to watch a long line of cars go by,"Ah Thom, I think we could've made it". Maybe then I will remember the adrenaline flow and follow you anyway.

Another great flight, good to call the tower even if they were a little bothered to put their coffee down. If you had gone through Booga Booga I may have come to my senses, as that place has claimed too many. I squeaked through there on my only attempt. Threw that pair of shorts away after.

Good job, have fun on the east coast. Oh and Marcello your kicking ass and in a Buzz keeping up with an Ace like Dave in a Zeno, you have had some interesting flights here..........but can you write!!!