Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meeting, Election, Party! Friday, December 6, 6 PM

Update: Date changed to December 6!

President Fireman Dave has set the date for our last official club event of the year. Pete has graciously agreed to host at his house. This is our annual membership and election meeting, so please bring your $20 dues and let's see who we can convince to run this club next year. Also please bring a potluck dish or something for the barbecue and your favorite beverage. We can coordinate what people plan to bring in the comments below.

Also there are a lot of visiting pilots on the island right now. All are invited to join us! We are lucky to count among our visitors the X-Alps 2013 5th place finisher from the Dolomites, Peter Gebhard, and his fiancee/supporter Heidi Insam and their kids. Maybe we can beg them to present an X-Alps story or two if there's interest.

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