Monday, January 20, 2020

A Memorial to the Fallen Honolulu Police Officers

For a very long time in the history of hang gliding and paragliding in Hawaii, we have had a very special relationship with first responders, be they police officers, fire department officers, DLNR staff, lifeguards, or others. They have all come to our aid when we've needed them; they have all responded to our emergencies when we needed them. Every morning, first responders here in Hawaii get up, shower, get dressed in their uniforms, have breakfast with their families, and kiss them goodbye as they are headed off do a typical day's work. They never say: today will be my last. Nope, they just go. They meet their fellow officers, drink coffee, hang out and talk about the weekend, the kids, the families, the crazy jokes, etc.

Then they respond to a mundane call to a local crazy person they joked about before, and all hell breaks out. Two officers are killed in action, several wounded officers and civilians, and fire breaks out. Complete chaos in seconds. Families are torn apart, friends are lost, neighborhoods destroyed, and those first responders we trust are devastated by loss and unimaginable grief.

Today we grieve for our friends the first responders, our friends at HPD East and Waikiki that have watched us soar above their heads for many years. The friends that have responded to the alien complaints generated by our flying escapades; those we have laughed with, kidded with, and run away from, with gliders bunched over our shoulders as we jumped fences, laughing as though we got away. We salute you, we grieve with your families, and we will truly miss your smiling faces as we soared above you.

Take a moment to remember our newest angels at Diamond Head, officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama.

Every time we fly above Diamond Head, we will honor you for your sacrifice and duty, and we will observe a silent prayer as you watch over us. Mahalo for your ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty with honor. Thank you for your service. We will always honor you.

Hawaii Paragliding Association


Thom said...

Heart felt write up, Pete. Still cant believe this happened here in our Hawaii.

We all need to send a prayer to their families and friends.

Thanks Pete

firedave2 said...

Nice Pete, I knew Kaulike because we were together at every auto accident, medical and Fire in Hawaii Kai. They had to deal with stupid people on a regular basis, we just fixed the immediate problem. Just a guy you hung out with. Life is funny and you just never know.