Thursday, June 10, 2021

Memorial Fly-in for Big Mike Saturday June 19th 12:00 PM at Makapuu LZ

David Mike McLaren, aka Big Mike, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday June 8th after a tough battle with cancer. Big Mike was a former paragliding student of mine having achieved his P2 in 2011 and my dive buddy of many years.

Mike was more commonly seen riding his Harley and hanging out at the LZ or the many parties and BBQ's we had at Fort Gravity.

Mike was an avid diver and probably the biggest fish out of the water I've ever seen. He loved diving in the Philippines and made several trips a year.  

I went with Mike to the Philippines one year and we dove on WWII tanks in San Fernando, and dove the pristine waters of Puerto Gelera. We're talking 250' of the most beautiful ocean in the world. 

Although Mike didn't fly much in the past few years, he asked me to take him flying one more time. I promised Mike that would take him for that last flight.

A celebration party of Mike's life will be held at Makapuu on Saturday June 19, 2021 depending on the weather. Hopefully lots of flying and BBQ'ing...?

12:00 PM at the Makapuu LZ. Free beer, free food, (need a BBQ if anyone can spare). And then I will fly with Mike and drop his ashes into Makapuu Bay for a final flight and dive to feed the fishes. 

Pilots, friends, and family are all invited.

Contact Pete aka Reaper at 808-753-1027 for more info

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