Friday, January 06, 2006

Lucky Window at Kahana

Sometimes I think that making ourselves available to help visitors get in the air here gives us good karma. Tom (visiting instructor from San Luis Obispo) called me and said he wondered if Makapuu was working today. I was like, the forecast is 15-25 dude, and it was blowing hard this morning for sure, but I'll check iWindsurf. Hmmm. Actually for the last half hour the Punaluu sensor was averaging 13-14. I suggested we meet at Kahana and check it out. And it was actually looking great when we got out there, so we hiked up and launched, and sure enough, we enjoyed a sweet couple of hours in the air.

It was a bit stronger than I normally like it, but not bad: we went into the back, tried to cross the bay a few times, and I top-landed once. Tom soared the trees like a pro before landing. Overall it was a very nice introduction for him. Wayne came out to join us but unfortunately the wind was filling back in just as we were landing and he was arriving. Check out the iWindsurf trend for the day: we flew between 12:30 and 2:30. How lucky is that? Now it's averaging 20! Hopefully it backs off again for the weekend. I forgot my camera card but Tom took some shots -- I'll post a picture here from today when I get a copy. See you all out there!

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Alex said...

By the way, you can see on the graph that the direction on the Punaluu sensor is still in need of some adjustment - today it definitely was ENE, not ESE. We're actually planning a mission to recalibrate the vane arm tomorrow.