Saturday, January 07, 2006

Maui No Ka Oi

Flew for 10 days in Maui and the BI - 5 days each. You can really get spoiled on Bob's alma mater in Maui - generous wide open drive up launch with a humongous LZ. Dexter runs a great site. They meet every am at 0830 at the LZ. And if you don't have a driver, Dexter's mom will give you a ride up for $5. When's the last time you did a forward launch - ok, besides that time in Dillingham when we sawed and cut our own launch.

The weather was only good for sled rides since the hi pressure kept any thermic activity suppressed - at least it wasn't raining or hawking. Kihei is very tempting but I didn't want to push the capability/generosity of my driver/spousal unit. Even on low launch you can get good altitude and practice spot landings. Just watch the cows and cow sh*t - It's all over my wing and harness.

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Alex said...

Great story and really nice pix, Frank. Thanks for persevering with the quirks of our new blog system to share it with us. I would love to see any pix you have from the Big Island too...