Saturday, January 06, 2007

A paragliding library?

Paragliding library: should we call it “Windlines Library” (Alex??)?
I’d like to create a library with books, videos and magazines about paragliding and related topics, like weather, travel, comps etc…

I’ll dedicate 10% of the gross of services rendered (tandem flights, site intro guidance, clinics and instruction) and 5% of the gross of SOL equipment sold.

Because this is dedicated to the paragliding pilot community and I am whiling to share some money, I’d like to ask you for suggestions and input. Do you like the idea or should I spend it (money, effort) somewhere else?

I know 10 and 5% are not big numbers but it is my commitment and you should expect that minimum when you purchase equipment or refer anybody for paying services. Of course I’ll put more, but this is something to get started with. Please understand I am still “paying” for my tandem gear (and by the time I am done paying it will be time to get a new, safer and updated one), and I’d like to purchase gear for new pilots to kite and even fly (it means good, reliable stuff with a reserve parachute and not just any old glider and falling apart harness).

First I’ll focus on videos, preferably in DVD format. Originals only (sorry, I don’t support piracy). The collection will be available to any pilot or aspiring pilot. If we can develop a good catalog and control system, pilots may pitch in and let others “borrow” their private collection (so they can have it back later) or just donate old ones to the library as well. I am sure there’s “software” to control a small personal collection to let friends borrow your DVDs…

So far this is just a thought and your opinion is important to me. Should we make it happen??

Raimar “Brazilian Ray” Bylaardt II
808 779-9013


Bob said...

Great idea Ray. Just to be clear, I am going to suppose that you meant 10% of net proceeds on SOL gear as oppossed to gross.

Brazilian Ray said...

I'll think about that, but for now I'll use 5% of the gross, so it will be easier to keep track... IE, if you buy boots from me at $175, rest assured 5% of that ($8.75) is going back to you (library). A DHV 1-2 glider ellus at $2350 will give $117.50 to the library! Items with discount or "free" shipping I'll give 4% of the gross. Deal?

Suicide said...


I would like some clarification.

A "library" is a collection of media that is loaned to patrons – Free of Charge. This would give all pilots access to valuable information. It would benefit all.

If this is what you are proposing, I would be willing to donate materials (books, periodicals, DVD’s, etc.) to the effort.

If, however, you are suggesting that persons be charged a fee for usage, I would like to know to whom the moneys are given. Are these funds that would go to HPA for the benefit of the club? Are these funds to be utilized to fund a particular event? Training course? PG school?


Alex said...

Ray, great idea. If you need someone to donate issues of Cross Country Magazine, mine will be available.

Maybe one day we'll have a climate controlled clubhouse building at a flying site that can house the Wind Lines library, and our pilots can browse the materials while sipping their cold refreshments - but for now your place will do just fine. We'll bring the cold refreshments.

Brazilian Ray said...

Peter I was thinking of something free of charge, based mostly from donations. I am just making the commitment of having part of my income originating from paragliding to back to the library and the flying community :)

Alex said...

Ray, I truly think that the time and energy of building and maintaining and operating a PG materials library would be enough of a donation - I wouldn't worry about adding a percentage of your PG income. I have a few good DVDs and magazines to donate to help get it started (you may have them already: Instability II, The Race, lots of past issues of XC mag)

Nick said...

I can contribute the USHGA "Complete Magazine Collection 1971-2004". It's a 6 DVD set that has all the magazines archived on PDFs. Paragliding subjects are covered from 1990-2004. This is a good 25GB to get the library started!

Gravity said...

Somebody wanna bring a truck by my house and pick-up a couple of hundred issues of PG mag?

firedave said...

Ray, I think it is a great idea, but I see a pattern developing here. You notice everyone is willing to donate and no one is looking to borrow. I would be happy to "donate" a bunch of books, magazines and DVD's to the cause because I don't care to throw them in the garbage, though I probably should.

I notice that with all the YouTube/ Google Video/ Etc. sites online that a lot of the videos are already a keystroke away.

Hell, Reaper and the rest of us have enough old gliders and stuff that you can have a paragliding museum.

Alex said...

We have created a new Paragliding Library page on Wind Lines, to be maintained by Brazilian Ray. Check it out!

Brazilian Ray said...

Dave, how is your knee? if you could bring your books and video colection on the next flyable day I'll make it available to the community.