Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rat Race 2007 T-Shirt

I am creating this post so we can upload and discuss our ideas for a T-shirt to help celebrate our participation in this year's Rat Race. Last year's shirt was a big hit with a lot of folks, and it would be fun to try and do another one. If anyone can take the time to sketch out a design and e-mail it to me, I'll attach it here for discussion (either use a graphics program or scan/photograph your sketch). Let's give it a week or two and see what we can come up with. I'll start by sharing my first couple of ideas:

From Alex: This is a very rough hack of a certain familiar logo that I did using the lamest possible tool, MS Paint. If it's worth developing further I will have to install some real graphics tools, but this works for a quick sketch. This design would be for the back, and I would re-use the flying monkey logo from last year on the front pocket. I would probably want to simplify it to work in one color.

From Alex: My second t-shirt idea is another familiar logo (to me anyway), similarly hacked up with my lame graphics tools, but hopefully this is good enough to convey the idea. And again, for the front pocket design I would be inclined to re-use the flying monkey logo from last year. Also I would probably want to simplify this design a bit so that it works in one color.

From Peter: OK . . . this is a ROUGH DRAFT. My thoughts were . . .
1. We create some new motto to replace the UAW motto around the circle . . . of course written in the Hawaiian language.
2. Change the stick figure with linked hands to something more paraglider-ish (e.g., add glider to the stick figures, seat them in harnesses, put a beer in their hand, etc.
3. Sprinkle the shirt, liberally, with hawaiiana (e.g., flowers, surf boards, outrigger canoes, etc.)
4.serve with mac salad and two-scoop rice.

From Hilo Ken: Ken sends this suggestion - it was in three separate parts so I put them together into a single image to post here. Let me know if this is close to what you had in mind, Ken. Some of us had actually already discussed the possibility of using images from the Chinese zodiac, but I think it would be cool if we could wait to use them until next year's Rat Race, since 2008 will be the Year of the Rat. But it's still a great suggestion, and if we can't wait, I'm sure we'll think of something for next year anyway.

From Frank: my daughter come up with this pic as an idea. I told her Diamond Head below would make a better icon below the flying Rat. She said she could change it and color if it got any kind of consideration. I also told her she may have to make it a more menacing rat vice a cute mouse - TBD.


Bob said...

You are a creative rascal. I like the Red Bull knock off. I really like the 2nd one as well, especially w/ the 'alcohol content by volume' and such. I am however concerned about the proximity of the follwing rat's nose to the leading rat's butt. Any way to perhaps space them out or some such? Also, we need to limit colors as each color requires a seperate screen and if the colors are adjacent it will require a very steady hand on the screen registration while screening. I think we're going to have a great shirt this year. Perhaps we should do the screening at the next club meeting. Thanks for getting on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex
Your ideas for this year's rat race t-shirt are great. I got a grin from your humor. Pam and I will be at the Nats so we will see you there. Your NW lurker, James

Anonymous said...

I Really like Hilo kens one. Franks daughters is great as it is:- love the palm tree paraglider, though the menacing rat idea sounds good. You ll need to include Team Hawaii Headings.

Brazilian Ray said...

tough call.... I like Frank's daughter a lot but there is something special about the "red bull" one. I'd like to see that one printed.

Anonymous said...

#2, no question. Nice take on Ravenwood's wine label.

I'll wear it proudly.

Jville Paul

Anonymous said...

Bob Here.
Each one of the entries deserves to be a shirt at some point. Perhaps we can use one of the designs to create a new club shirt. I must admit I'm taken w/ the palm frond paraglider idea. I think, however that the Red Bull design is best suited for this year's Rat Race. It's a very simple graphic and yet is filled w/ much humor and since our sport is regularly sponsored by Red Bull I think people will get it immediately. Please vote asap as we are on a real short leash to get these done. Also, last year we approached the idea of having each pilot come w/ an extra shirt to give to someone of thier choosing. This year, due to the minimum order of 75 I'm hoping that each pilot would commit to 3 shirts ($30 for three on a dark blue shirt) Pilots would be able to gift one or two and have one or two to keep. Hope it works. Looking forward.


Anonymous said...

Rat bull is my favorite

Anonymous said...

Rat Bull; Bob, any chance of an option for polo style shirts?

firedave said...

Circular Rats.

Rat Bull is a novelty

Anonymous said...

Red Bull gets my vote


JeffMc said...

Have you guys considered using Cafe Press? You don't have to buy anything up front - they make the shirt(s) only when you order them. You're also not limited to T-shirts - you can also get sweatshirts, polo shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, key chains, etc. You can use virtually any graphic you want, even photos. This is the service that FreeFlyingDuck (and many others) use.


Anonymous said...

I really like the second one it is clean and tells the rat story. I would like some of the tees as well as a Polo.
Marty from Maui

Alex said...

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come up some great ideas. Also thanks to those who expressed a preference. In the interest of getting this done, I am calling the vote a narrow win for the Rat Bull design. I will polish up the design and submit it with an order for 75 t-shirts for $750. I hope I can count on you guys to buy a few each so I get paid back.

Since the circle of rats design was a close second, and since it was my actual favorite, I may still look into doing a small print run of that design if I get some time.

Official vote tally

Rat Bull: Raimar, Quentin, Ray, Bob, Reaper
Circle of Rats: me, Fireman, Paul, Marty
Palm Fronds: second choice for Rich, Ray, Bob
Island Chain w/Rat and Chinese Character: Rich