Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rat Race Update

The daily schedule has now been posted at the Rat Race website here. This is probably a good time to get our travel plans finalized. The Britt Festivals will be happening at the same time this year and things will get booked up between the paragliders and the festival attendees.

Here are the plans I'm aware of so far:

Ray is planning to fly into Oakland and drive up from there, and will be arriving Thursday or Friday sometime, I think. I am arriving with Bob and Quentin on Friday night at the Medford airport. Don will be doing his usual standby flying into Medford. It would be great if we get the time (and nice weather) to go for a warm-up flight on Saturday before registering and taking the GPS class and going to the dinner.

As for vehicles, Ray will have a car to drive up from Oakland, and Bob and I will probably rent one from Medford to share. RVC will probably have one as well, and Reaper might have his Bronco again.

As for lodging, Quentin and RVC will be staying at the Stage Lodge in Jacksonville. Bob, Ray, Don and I will be accepting the hospitality of a gracious local pilot, Paul, and staying in his basement. Paul says there is also room to camp in his yard if people are interested. Of course there will be folks camping at the park: Reaper and Motorhead and lots of other pilots too. For the nationals in Lakeview, I have booked a place for me and Bob at the Budget Inn. Don stayed there last year and says it's nice - and the price is certainly right. Quentin and Ray are staying at the Best Western.

So far the list of Hawaii participants includes me, Jetflap, Bob, Greg, Ray, Sandy, Quentin, RVC, Suicide, Frank, Scrappy, Nick, Reaper, Motorhead, Don, and maybe Scot and Jiah. We also have three guys from Maui joining us: Dexter, Paul and Marty. And we have John Ivey and Scott Amy, two former neighbor island pilots. And I guess we should count Tom Chestnut in that list as well. That's over 20 Hawaii pilots if you include the expats!

Feel free to add comments to this post to help finalize and coordinate your travel plans.

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Brazilian Ray said...

just got my tickets:
Flight Class Of Service Leaving From Going To Stops
City Date Time City Date Time
4518 Coach
Honolulu (HNL) JUN 13 11:30PM Oakland (OAK) JUN 14 7:30AM Non-Stop
4517 Coach
Oakland (OAK) JUL 01 8:30PM Honolulu (HNL) JUL 01 10:50PM Non-Stop

I got the tickets for $445 and car for $315
the tickets went up $60 and the car $25 since my last search, and probably will continue to go up!
flying to medford would cost me $610 and car $530 (savings of $410)

anybody wants to share the car??
Brazilian Ray