Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was on a boat all day, but for those who ignored the dire predictions of strong tradewinds from the sailors, the flying at Kahana on Saturday turned out to be picture perfect. Three new wings with happy local pilots under them, a handful of happy visitors, and great flights for everyone.

Jeff flew his new Axis Vega II at Kahana, and called me from 2200 feet over Puu Piei to report sweet conditions. If I hadn't been on a boat I would surely have joined him up there. Jim took the chance to dial in his new Advance Sigma 5, and Russell showed off his new U-Turn Obsession. I heard Steve, Ginny, and Ken had nice flights out there too.

Jayson and his fellow Vancouverian Lee also flew at Kahana, along with returning visitor Richard from Georgia. While that was going on, the Jacksonholians were having fun flying Makapuu, reporting tons of lift, whitecaps and whales. I didn't take any pictures on the boat because I was afraid to let go for that long, or to expose my phone/camera to the crashing swells.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their flying pictures - I hope you don't object to my ghostwriting of your flying report. It didn't take more than a few minutes to write this up, and it sounds like the flying deserved at least that much!


JeffMc said...

It sure was a good time Alex. The only thing lacking was not having you out there to lead all those new wings on an epic XC.


Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with that Charlie Daniels song? I always thought it was ghostRIDERS in the sky.