Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Wishes for Berndt

Lots of folks have been asking, so for anyone that hasn't heard: Berndt was hurt at the Makapuu LZ on Friday, and is at Queen's now, awaiting back surgery. He would appreciate visitors - he's stuck on his back with nothing but his morphine button for entertainment. I know he'd appreciate it if anyone could stop by to chat; he's in room 562. Let's keep him in our thoughts during the days ahead. Hang in there, Berndt! See comments for updates on his progress.


Anonymous said...

Today I visited Berndt at Queens.
He was pretty bored watching the usual TV, so I brought him some pre-op goodies.

After a brief visit to the hospital Alex went to Berndt's boat and brought back his books, reading glasses, and clean clothes (which won't be needed for a while).

Don donated a used Mini DVD player, and I found an old Yaesu charger for previously mentioned DVD player missing a charger, and a dozen movies; such as Rambo, Snatch, Bat 21, and some of the worlds greatest PG videos - Never Ending Thermal, Weather to Fly, etc...

He is now off of Morphine as the pain has sub-sided in his back.

Berndt is luckier than I, and yet still unlucky. I severely injured my back and I was in extreme pain for 3+ weeks on a cocktail of Morphine & Demerol, m mm yum.

Berndt will still require surgery for he has some damage to the L-4 & another disk, with pressure on his spinal cord. So surgery is a must.

18 years ago I too had to undergo emergency surgery. Back then it was considered experimental? Berndt joins an elite club of broke backs- Myself, Motorhead Paul, and Sub-Steve.. Myself and Sub-Steve are strong again. Paul can still out-wrangle a much younger drunk, and Steve is 100%. So, there is good chance that with time and care Berndt will be soaring again.

Here's what Berndt is really gonna need - He lives on a small sailboat in Keehi lagoon. So, the reality of getting around on his boat after surgery is not good. If anyone has a spare room, for Berndt to rent & recoup in, that is what is really needed...?

With surgery slated for sometime Tuesday visiting will be limited for tomorrow, and then he'll need a few days to recover. The surgery is extremely painful, so he won't be much fun for days after. If you know what I mean.

You can call him at Queens - 538-9011 room 562 Berndt Nording


JeffMc said...

I'm not exactly a proud member, but I also belong to the Broken Back Club. It happened at Makapuu when I first started flying - fractured 2 vertebrae (and broken ankle and cracked a couple ribs). Luckily - I didn't require surgery for my back (just the ankle), I have a desk job, and I had my wife to help me out.

I know it's a tough recovery, and my best wishes are for Berendt to make a full recovery and join us in the air once again.

BUT, if there's any one bit of advice I could pass on to Berndt, it would be to not rush his recovery time or to "push it" once he feels better. Just when I started to feel normal again, my wife and I moved to Waianae. While moving furniture (dumb!), I tweaked my back real bad and developed a crippling sciatica pain that made my original injury feel downright pleasant by comparison. It turned my 2-3 month recovery into a 6+ month one.

I maintained my interest and desire to fly by watching every PG video I could find, re-reading my PG books, and coming out every once in a while to an LZ for beers :)


Brazilian Ray said...

I know this is the space for Berndt, but I don't want to see more people in similar situation, so here it goes again...

PLEASE, avoid final approaches over the highway (if the asphalt is not hard enough, a car bumper should keep you thinking about it...)

PLEASE, set up not to overshoot. the LZ is loooonnngg, specially on east days (90+% of the flying days). It is OK to land short.

PLEASE, put your landing gear (FEET) down on approach. I know it doesn't look COOL but it is SAFER (from experience, it probably would have saved me a broken arm)

Please be careful and have fun ;)

Brazilian Ray

Nick said...

Talked to Berndt today.

He's nervous as hell about the surgery tomorrow, can you blame him? He should be recovered enough by Wed for phone calls/visits, so let's make sure to check in on him.

He doesn't remember too much about the accident. Joey and I will have to fill him in when he's up for it.

Wishing a speedy recovery.