Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Days (and Nights) Of Our Lives

So ... I was just watching my favorite soap opera today, and started daydreaming ... What if I flew the Full Moon the other night? Of course I wouldn't actually do it, because that would be illegal, crazy, irresponsible, some would say stupid ... but, what if ...

I think I'd launch from Crazys. The lift would be perfect, maybe around 7 o'clock. Then I would probably go check out the Lighthouse, notice a private little helicopter perched on one of the bunkers, and soar there for a bit, maybe with some visitor, could be named Jason. Firedave would probably be flying as well, that guy would not miss a good night flight for anything.

We would all watch, as it's getting darker, whales are playing just outside the bay and the moon is slowly rising behind the clouds. Then it would get dark pretty fast, and the moon would finally pop out of the cloud, with a chunk of it missing.

At this point, I mean, if I was even there, I'd see someone landing, assuming it's the visitor, being smart and going to meet the waiting girlfriend, before he gets in trouble, for missing a romantic dinner, or a make out session on the beach, or both. The Moon is low and there are plenty of clouds, Dave nowhere to be seen, so probably somewhere close by - time for my flashing headlamp.

For a little bit I would regret not bringing my iPod, Pink Floyd would be perfect right about now. I keep hearing all these stories about hangies zoning out on The Floyds ... I guess those guys knew what's up a long time ago (except for all those tubes they have to carry).

I always thought that music would bother me at night, make me paranoid not being able to hear other traffic, but now I'd realize, that thanks to FAA they are all easy to see - except for Fireman, who's still swift, silent and invisible.

If I flew that night, I would also notice, by local standards, that it's a little chilly at 20 degrees (sorry, I have my vario set in Celsius), and I'd be very glad to put on jeans, for the first time since I got here in November - I guess I learnt my lesson on previous soap opera day-dreaming adventures.

If I had to guess, since I don't actually do it, what the Full Moon flying looks and feels like, I'd say, back home in Jackson it's beautiful, but cold and usually just sled rides. Kahana is probably nice and quiet at night, mostly dark, except for the moonlit ocean.

Makapu'u on the other hand is most likely very visual, with luau and lit up dolphin pools down below in Sea Life Park, still busy traffic on the highway, fairly busy air traffic, light show of Hawaii Kai, Kailua and Kaneohe MCBH. Lights in the distance, what could be Moloka'i, but maybe more likely Mau'i. The bright flashes of the Lighthouse, still the lurking helicopter next to the Lighthouse, which could take off at any moment, not having any idea I'm right above it, in my dreams ... but the coolest show would be the whales breaching in the moonlight. It's a nice sight even in the daylight, but being in the air and watching them playing just like me, would make me smile.

If I was flying that night, I would also remember I had a stash of chocolate flavored Cliff gel, so I'd just sit back, pop one open and sip it like an ultra expensive creme brulee in an exclusive restaurant, with the finest view, in the company of the most special people I know ... someone I lost a while ago, someone I just recently met, some good friends I haven't seen in a while ...

I'd wake up from all this nonsense, in what would have to be Rabbit Shit, strange place for it ... the shadows of my glider, on the Makapu'u walls, racing with me thru the darkness ... and, finally, getting cold and tired, pulling one brake a bit harder than the other, watching the lights get blurry below, mild G forces in the darkness and familiar soft, grassy LZ, brightly lit by the Moon, tall boy in the cooler of my beach front property on wheels. Sometime around midnight, tired and smiling, I'd be driving back home to North Shore, thinking how we're not jealous of birds, we just admire some of them. Most of them can't fly at night. We don't either, but we could.

Listening to Alpha Blondy on my headphones - yep, that is not exactly legal either, but Big Brother can't see at night, I just checked. I've had quite a few flights, some great, some not so great, almost all fun, some I will never forget, some I do my best to forget soon, but, if I ever was privileged enough to fly it, for over two hours, the Makapu'u Full Moon Eclipse night would be in my memory forever.

The next episode of Days Of Our Lives is March 21st, time for another day-dreaming session ... to be continued ...

Czech Peter

P.S. Thanks to The King of Bad Ideas, for the check up phone call, making sure I came down to earth safely, after my imaginary flight!

Disclaimer : The above is a product of my imagination, influenced by toxins in the environment, second hand smoke, asbestos in building insulation and mercury in tuna. Not enough breast feeding could be at fault as well. I do not suggest or condone night flying, night driving or Pink Floyd.


Anonymous said...

Wow Pete, you sure have a vivid immagination. I'm immagining March 21st or there abouts. Thanks for a great write up.


Alex said...

Pete, I don't think you need any more breast feeding. More likely you've had way too much of that. It's a bad habit dude -- totally unsuitable for a mature guy like you.

Seriously though -- your fantastic story is beyond belief, and your writing is wonderful. I'm amazed to see how many great writers we have among us - and I'm so glad to see more pilots contributing to the site. I can't wait to see what other crazy tales you have hidden in your twisted imagination.

firedave said...

Peter: That would have been really epic, if it happened at all, ask the whales.

By the way, I was a shaken baby.

Suicide said...

Peter . . . That would have been a great flight.

I would have made one of those last year . . . a tandem with Hillery, making-out in the moonlight at 2000 ft . . . if it would have been safe. But, we all know we'd NEVER try something like that.

Pink would have been a great choice for the music.