Monday, March 17, 2008

Daddy, will you read me a bedtime story? Pleeeeeease . . .

Once upon a time, an ivory skinned princess from a cold, grey, snowy, peninsular land called “Michigan” traveled to the warm, sunny, paradisial island of Oahu. There, she met a golden skinned commoner from the land of her ancestral enemy, “Ohio.” Unexpectedly, rather than engaging one another in mortal combat, they began to engage one another in an elaborate courtship ritual.

“I can fly,” he told her, “and if you’d like, I will take you along with me, soaring among the clouds.”

“That is a wild boast!” she scolded.

But, it was true. And, the princess and the pauper, hand in hand, climbed mountains together, swam with dolphins together, traveled the world together, and, yes, soared among the clouds . . . together. They fell in love. They were married. They raised beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered children together. And, of course, They Lived Happily Ever After.

Hillery & I would like to announce to all members of the Hawai’i Paragliding Association our intention to be married on Saturday, 7 June 2008.

We were going to wait until August, 2008; however, Hillery & I would, also, like to announce to all of the members of the Hawai’i Paragliding Association that in September 2008, you are all going to be Aunties & Uncles!!

We decided that we wanted to start a family. She thought it would take several months . . . but, it took several weeks instead. Yes, yes, the swimmers are strong!! Therefore, the August wedding has been moved up: very much to do, very little time.

We have given the matter a great deal of thought. We would like to be married in Hawai’i. We would like to be married on the beach. We would like all of our friends to be present, enjoying food and drink and laughter.

We know, of course, that if our wedding just happened to be on a sunny, flyable day, the majority of our friends would be forced to invent some perfectly regrettable reason to leave the reception early . . . so that they could get up to Low Launch or High Launch or North Launch before the wind got too strong or too light or too east or too “something.”

To tell the truth, I might even skip out on my wedding reception if it looked like a good downrange day. Of course, Hillery might well beat me to a bloody pulp if I were to do so.

Therefore, for the good of our marriage (and possibly my very survival), we have decided to have the wedding at the LZ at Kahana Bay. An all-day luau will follow. There will be food, music, a hula halau will dance, pilots will fly, tasks will be defined, and competitions will be waged. It will be the “Wedding Day Fly-In!”

I’ve already told a few people about our plans and, in true HPA fashion, offers of assistance and support have been made: such as tents, coolers, tandem wings, and an offer by a professional make-up artist to “Do Hillery’s make-up.” We appreciate it more than we can express. We have been brainstorming about all of the things that we will need. Hillery has compiled a list of wedding related items (which I expect to grow & grow & grow.) We ask that, if anyone can assist us with the making of this event, please leave a comment here or call Hillery or myself.

Here is the list so far:
BBQ Grills
Help with food . . . BBQ Masters!
Audio equipment (PA for the iPOD)
Help with set-up & tear down
Beach cleaning
Wind screens
Tandem Pilots willing to fly friends & family
Flower Droppers
Beer drinkers and sunbathers
Anything else that you think we may need

I will be giving periodic updates as the plans develop. Please feel free to call me or Hillery or e-mail us. We would like to know who plans to attend, so that we can gauge how much food to buy. Aye, you like steak? Fish? Cake?

So, in a few months we will go from wild singles to husband & wife . . . mommy & daddy . . . pretty cool, huh?

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Brazilian Ray said...

Cool! congratulations!!!!
I can help with tandems, BBQ and caipirinhas (come to my party this weekend to find out more bout it ;)

Any names (or nicknames) already??

Brazilian Ray

Rich. said...

Way to go Pete/Hillery..., Congratulations!!!
I can help with beach cleaning & set-up.
Can bring:- Pop up Tent, Table, Chairs,Medium Webber Grill & Food Warmers.
Can anyone get a camping permit?


Anonymous said...

I'll help with something just not sure what. Perhaps I'll document the event.
I say we all apply for permits for camping and get them all or mostly all. It's far enough out that we could probably do it.

Congrats Hillary. You finally got that stubborn old goat. Enough bonking on that thick skull and there you go.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, you two. It is about time. Sometimes you have to go the long way to get to the heart of the matter, at least you got there. Way to go, I knew you could do it. And to be an Auntie....Yeah hoooo.

I will help with whatever I can. Tear down and beach cleaning sound good to me.


Alex said...

OMG!! Talk about jumping in with both feet. Congratulations to you both, and best wishes for a lifetime of connubial and parental happiness. Welcome to the club(s)!

Suicide said...

Thanks!! We couldn't be more excited. We have picked-out names:
Boy = Peter John Arroyo III (nicknames - "P-3" or "Little Pete" or "PJ")
Girl = Brianna Marie Arroyo
(nicknames - "Bree" or "Anna" or "The little brat that has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger")

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both!! Sounds like you've made a great decision. I will be deployed to the Mid East until the first week of June but I hope to make it!!! Count me in for the festivities and whatever else u may need help with.


Anonymous said...

Wow. We're gonna have a hell-of-a party...


Tandems, BBQ master, coolers, tent, whatever.

To think I was looking forward to the Rat race. This beats dat.

Hmmm, New nickname - Papa Pedro...


sandy said...

What a lovely story :-)))

I am overjoyed and happy for you both!!!!!

Yay for Hillery and Pete!

I'm especially happy that you've moved the date up, as I must leave our fair shores the following week to pursue my own Happily Ever After fairytale.

I very much look forward to sharing your joy amongst our friends.

I'll do whatever I can to help ...
so far that can include:

one ~3x5 table
four resin chairs with arms
two large tarps (if needed)
Help with food . . . assistant to the BBQ Masters!
Help with set-up & tear down
Beach cleaning
Flower Dropper
Tear Dropper (overjoyed you know)

I am hereby volunteering to be a Camping Coordinator (although I can't actually go downtown on the best day). I think it would be good to get as much of the park for us so we can revel all day without worrying about bothering others or taking their parking spots nor have anybody worry about driving home.

I can go for permits on Monday May 12th, but better if others can go on Wednesday the 7th.

From State Parks:

"permits can be applied for no sooner than 30 DAYS in advance"
You're supposed to have the drivers license number or "photocopies of IDs for all adults listed on the permit application".
"Maximum 3 parking permits [per application] for Kahana Valley State Park"

The permit form is here:

If you can go downtown to get a permit on May 8th, or if you would like your name included on one of these permits:
email akers4 _AT_
or call 590-2118.

I'll try to gather as many names and ID numbers as I can, fill out the forms, and distribute them to the folks who can go downtown on the 7th.

Congratulations Pete and Hillery!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for all your support and offers for help. It means alot to me.


Anonymous said...

Pete Mon,

just noticed this, holy shit man, congratulations !! ;))

Yeah, I came here in November for a month or two, which means I'll still be here in June, so count me in with whatever help you need !!

Well, unless it's a Full Moon night, then I'd only be available to help out till about 10pm ;))

Congrats Buddy


Doug said...

Congratulations PETE and HILLARY. If you thought life was an adventure up to this point just wait a year, then 2 then 3. Ive been a flower girl at least 4 weddings and think i have even put petels on target at a one of them. I would love to do it on your special day as well. Count me in for what ever you need.


PS perhaps its time for "papa pete"

Doug said...

By the way all the really great people have been born in Sept.....and Doug is a great name :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Papa Pete,
Time for a new call sign.
We have tables, chairs, ez corner tent, coolers, kayak for the river.
Will apply for camping permit whoever is doing it let me know will give you my info that is needed.
My girls are looking forward to helping you out too.
Keep in touch with Donna on the guest room.


Thom & Donna

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pete and Hillery... You deserve all the happiness in the world. I am sure that baby will be flying as soon as its walking! :)
-DC Nicky-

JeffMc said...

Congrats you two! Sorry for the late response.... Jen and I are heading for the mainland in June and I was so afraid we'd miss your wedding. We've managed to juggle a few things around, and now we're not flying out until late night June 7th. So we'll be there!

Great choice of venue too :) We also had a local-kine beach wedding/BBQ and it was great.

P.S. - I predict some para-play-dates in our little tykes' futures :)


Anonymous said...

Pedro and Hillary, Q and I wish you both a long and happy life together. I'll be honored to help out in whatever capacity you require!

sandy said...

Reminder to mark your calendars for June 7 at Kahana!
Pete and Hill tie the knot and an all-day luau will follow. There will be food, music, a hula halau will dance, pilots will fly, tasks will be defined, and competitions will be waged. It will be the “Wedding Day Fly-In!”

Are you interested in having a bonafide parking permit for the campers parking lot nearest the LZ on the big day?
Are you interested in camping?
Think you might be a little zonked after a day of flying and luauing revelry?
Want to get an early start on the big day? (The only time I ever flew at Kahana before 10 am was when I camped there.)
Want at least the option to stay the night and save the drive (and DUI) for another day?

Sign on with us for a spot on the camping list. It won't cost you anything but the time to get me your name and number.

Call my cell 2-5-5--3-3-6-5 or email to sign up.

We can have up to 10 people (including kids) per site, and 5 parking permits per site.
But to be included, we must get your name and number on the permits.

Call my cell 2-5-5--3-3-6-5 or email to sign up.

Also, I could use some help. I am looking for permit signup volunteers (hey town-side early-birds!):
We would like to get AT LEAST two, preferably three, or even more campsites so that we and our friends have room to spread out.

I will be going super early on Wednesday, May 7 to reserve campsite #1 for Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7.

I need at least two other folks who can go early that day (preferably be waiting outside before 8 am at the camping permit office on Punchbowl and Beretania) to reserve a couple more sites. We will be going for sites 1, 2, 3, and so on.
(Alex, can you confirm your availability for that day and early time?)

It costs $5.00 per campsite per night (not per person), which must be paid in cash. If you are short on cash, I'll cover it. (early wedding gift)

Camping office is at Kalanimoku Building , Room 310, first floor