Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not as big as a PG wedding, but it is still a PARTY...

Hi gang! This Sunday, March 23rd we're having a little get together to celebrate my birthday! Please bring some drinks and a big smile to 98-945 Moanalua Rd, from 3 to 9 pm. Please RSVP with Noell at 808-782-3126. Looking forward to seeing you ;)

Brazilian Ray


Suicide said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I am looking forward to doing some research on "caipirinhas." My theory is that I will like doing this reseach.

Remember, I am a scientist. As a scientist, I test a theory; then I test it again; then I test it again;then I test it again, ad infinitum.

Hey, by the way . . . how old are you?

See you Sunday

Anonymous said...

caipirinhas - like making lemonade with lots of sugar and substituting "little water" (vodka) for normal water. Used on Sundays to avoid having to deal with Mondays and skipping directly to Tuesday.
Sorry my broken body prevents me from coming.Anybody know of a drink like this that will fast-forward me three weeks?

Suicide said...

berndt, after may last surgery, I found that Oxycontin & red wine caused me to black-out for three weeks!

I may have still been in terrible pain for those 21 days . . . I just can't quite remember!

On second thought . . . don't try it!

I hope you're feeling better.

get well soon.

JeffMc said...

Ahhh... If you're looking to black out for a while, or as I like to it call it: "time travel", Night Train will do the trick:

Night Train


Get well soon Berndt!


Brazilian Ray said...

no worries, Berndt! we'll have a "got" well party as soon as you are ok!!!!

be prepared for some pool action (da kine you get wet!)


trancepass said...

visit Bali, and enjoy paragliding there...!

keep blogging

Anonymous said...

Gee, having some guy who we don't know put a sales pitch to fly Bali on a thread regarding a birthday party makes me not want to go to Bali to fly. Jerrrrk!

Looking forward Ray.


Brazilian Ray said...

was he trancepassing our blog?

see you all tomorrow!