Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting & Party in Waimanalo on Saturday, May 24

Please join us for our second quarterly meeting and party at the HTMC clubhouse in Waimanalo on Saturday, May 24th, at 6 pm. We encourage you to bring refreshments and pupus to share, as well as a few bucks for the BBQ collection plate. Cross your fingers for a good flying day at Makapuu beforehand - we're overdue to see some beach landings before our evening festivities.

Thanks to Rich for the clubhouse connection - and for remembering to reserve it a month in advance every time!

Your hardworking directors managed to stage an impromptu board meeting at the Kahana LZ after the Days of Jimmy event last Friday, so we actually have an agenda ahead of time for once. Here is my best recollection of our final list of topics, from my scribbled notes - please feel free to post suggestions for additional topics.


I. Reports

A. Treasurer's report

B. President's report

1. New Pilots, New Ratings, Awards

2. Upcoming events: Wedding Fly-in, Rat Race

3. Website reminder: please use creative euphemisms when
referring to ice cold refreshments at flying sites.

II. Old Business

A. Ground Handling at Kualoa - Status Report from Quentin

III. New Business

A. Signs posted at Nanakuli - status Report from Quentin


Rich. said...

I'd like to say that this meeting is a guaranteed venue but Tom Mendes (President HTMC) says maybe NOT!!! The re-construction plans are up & coming. He said to contact him a week prior..., I guess tomorrow (8 days) would be good enough...., Here's Hoping!!! I'll call him tomorrow!


Brazilian Ray said...

re-construction? Cool!! If Tom needs volunteers, he can count on me for a day or two :)
have him calling me at 779-9013.

Brazilian Ray

Suicide said...


I am, once again, able & willing, to aquire, prepare, and present the meat/fish for the BBQ.

if you'd like me to do so, please let me know.


Nick said...

There is a *small* chance I could reserve the "8th floor" in my building for our meeting, but given the short notice and that particular weekend, it's a long shot at best. However, in the future it is an option. The 8th floor has the Long House, which can easily accomodate us all, multiple BBQ pits, a Koi pond, tennis and more. Best of all, we can drink! Parking is a slight issue: We have the building parking, pay lots nearby. There is also a Zippy lot and Safeway parking lot a block and a half away. Honolulu Park Place (corner of Beretania and Nuuanu)
And oh yeah, I'm supposed to work that weekend, but I probably can chuck the shift to someone else ;)

I'll bet money that someone will end up in the Koi pond!


Alex said...

Rich called me this morning to say he talked to Tom the HTMC pres, and he confirmed that we're on for next weekend, since the construction isn't starting quite yet.

Sui: yes, if you're willing to be the food buyer/chef once again, then I'm more than happy to watch you cook, eat the food, and pass a hat to pay you back. Thank you!

Nick - that sounds like a great place for a party. One question - can we land there? Is there a windsock on the roof at least? Maybe if we launch from Tantalus we could make it. And I would certainly be willing to pay for parking at a posh venue like that!

firedave said...

Does anyone have a projector that can project computer images on a screen? Jorge's short film ,"Because..." is out and I think it would be great to get everyone fired up.
If you can't wait until saturday, it is at

Rich. said...

Right on Ray!!!
The club Does hold "Clubhouse Workdays" on occasion. I don't know if the contractor is taking on volunteers but I'll keep ya posted. Still Waiting for the work to commence.

Thanx Pedro, your generous service is Always Welcome!

Mahalo Dave...,Great Video Jorge!!!

Good One Nick!..., Hey Why don't we reserve the place anyway for After the 10:00pm closing in Waimanalo!!!