Thursday, May 29, 2008


If you have never visited this site before (welcome), if you have managed to miss the last couple of HPA meetings (shame on you), or if you have been flying uninterruptedly for the past several months without landing for beer, bathroom breaks or “quality time with your significant other,” you may not have heard that Hillery and Suicide are tying the noose on Peter’s 40th birthday; and they're doing it on the LZ at Kahana: 7 June 2008.

Here’s the nuptial update . . . “N’update” . . . get it?

Location: Barring inclement weather the location remains the same: Kahana Beach Park.

In the event of inclement weather, location will switch to the Waikiki Yacht Club.

We will let you know by 4 June 2008.

Camping: Thanks to Miss June Akers, we have secured 3 campsites; #1, #2 & #3. We can have up to 10 persons to each site. We have 5 parking passes each (15 total.) Reservation dates are Friday, 6 June 08 through Monday morning, 9 June 08.

Campsite #1 is closest to the LZ, and then #2 and #3 cover the space fronting the parking lot.

Time: We were scheduled for 11 am. However, have rescheduled to HIGH NOON.

Beverages: (Hillery thought we should list this first!!!)
Vast numbers of glass bottles and cans seems wasteful. Therefore, we have decided to provide beverages in 16 oz red plastic cups; in three varieties: “7up-like;" “ginger ale-like;" and “coke-like."

You can feel free to bring beverages that are “grape juice-like” or mix well with soda or juice.

There will be keiki friendly beverages on hand.

Bottled water will be provided in a “Costco-like” manner.

Food: Hawaiian kine – compliments of Kanak Attack—Lau Lau, poi, Okinawan sweet potatoes, rice, and haupia.

Mid-West kine – compliments of Peter and Hillery – MEAT (NY strip, bird, and fish), veggie burgers for the veggie-terribles, bake beans, green salad, various pupus, and CAKE (wedding & birthday.)

Rental stuffs: A large (20’ x 40’) tent will be sent up by the rental company Saturday morning; they will tear it down at the end of the day. Seventy chairs have also been rented for the day.

How you can help: We have had several folks volunteer to camp on Friday night to help with beach clean-up and set-up in the morning; additional help is certainly appreciated: Come early and stay late.

-flowers: We need bags and bags and bags of blossoms to drop from the air; please steal all of your neighbors’ pick-able flowers. They need to be at Kahana with ample time for pilots to hike up, launch, and drop.

-tables: We need, at least, six 4-6 ft tables.

-tents: Of course, bring your tents if you are camping. In addition, we could use, at least, 3-4 pop-up tents and a "house" for the beverages; perhaps a 2-4 person tent.

-chairs: The rental chairs will be picked-up around 1700 hrs. So, please bring your beach kine chairs for later.

-grills: We would like to have, at least, 3-4 grills and extra tools of the trade (cutting boards, knives, tongs, ect.) The more grills we have, the faster the food gets done. We would hate for people to be standing around, starving; waiting for fish!

We would like one grill to be designated “VEGGIE-TERRIBLES ONLY.”

-coolers: Need’em! LOTS of 'em! Please bring’em! Fill’em with ice, please!

-ice: It is going to be a long, warm day. We would hate for food to spoil or (more importantly) beverages to get warm. Please bring ice; lots of ice. Think of it as an “ice” potluck.

We may need some folks to pick up some items to be brought to Kahana. Call if you can help or just listen for the Crazy Lady’s screams! We are going to download a bunch of music. Feel free to request any song or band; we’ll try to accommodate. Bring your CDs & ipods if you like. Remember to bring your camp lights and flash lights.

We recommend, if you are going to spend a lot of time in the beverage tent, you should plan to join the camping party.

Please, leave your comment below to volunteer for tasks, donate stuffs, or just to add your thoughts.


Hillery & Peter

See you at Scrappy’s Birthday Party!


firedave said...

Sorry Peter, we really don't care about the wedding, except that we get to fly!
I think I heard that the bachelor party is on for Monday, the 2nd. So get on your party face and let's give this future daddy a send off. It will be PG-13 rated at best right? .............Right?

sandy said...

I must acknowledge the great kindness and fortitude of Rich and Berndt in helping me secure the camping/parking permits. An hour in line downtown ain't as much fun as flying, but they were great company.

Doug said...

You are the smartest guy on earth! Having your anniversary on your birthday. Brilliant! But if you ever forget you are in the dog house for sure;)