Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scrappy's 30th Year Survival Party!

I know its kinda a crowded schedule lately for events but some things I just can't change. All are invited to celebrate my 30th year survival party on Saturday May 31, 2008. A little preemptive but I may be off island on the 3rd of June (and will need at least 1 full day of sleep to recover.)

Some have had their doubts as to whether I would make it to 30 but everything has been going great, but give me a week or 2.

Morning activities to be flying or surfing or wake-boarding dependent on weather. BBQ to be held at 148 Kuupua St. Kailua from 4:00-10:00 PM (My generous family's home). Pool, hot-tub, BBQ and beer... (keep the scotch away from Alex this time though...)

Bring something small with you if you can. If not, still bring yourselves, your loved ones, kids, pets... etc.

We can also secretly congratulate someone else's birthday who doesn't like to announce it as well.

After-party @ 39 Hotel Street, from 11:00 till the cows take me home.

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