Thursday, August 21, 2008

Low clouds and high spirits

Don and Jim shared a great afternoon of flying with me today, in the north conditions at Kahana. We hiked and flew two sessions from the north ridge, the second one after the passage of a large rain system that had ended our first session prematurely. The clouds were super low all day, forming out of thin air low and out front, and sometimes around us as we flew.

At one point I headed out over the bay just to get away from the hill, not from any great height, but I soon found myself cruising all the way across and into the lift band above the Crouching Lion. What great luck, after days of not quite crossable north airflow. I plunged forward under the low clouds and peeked into a misty Kaaawa Valley, before turning back to get Don and Jim and bring them over - but the conditions had changed slightly by then, and we couldn't find our way back there. Next time! Thanks to Jim and Don for the tasty beverages.

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