Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I do what I do

Every year at the Rat Race in Medford, Oregon, I get asked: why don't I compete? Why do I chase all of you paraglider pilots day in and day out through poison oak and trees in the hot sun in tiger country?

Here's the reason why.

I received a thank you note today from one of those pilots that I rescued, Heidi Chu, and here's what it says:

Hi Pete,

Hope you made it back in one piece! I just wanted to Thank you (so much!) for getting me down from the tree last week at the Rat Race.

I feel so lucky to have met you and to have had you there to pull me off of the tree. I didn't get any Poison Oak either. Woo Hoo!! (-: [We were standing in it]

I'm back to the real world now and look forward another paragliding trip very soon. Maybe Hawaii! or... Mexico. (-:.

I hope to meet you again & fly with you, hopefully where there aren't any trees... well... maybe not too tall ones.

Best, Heidi

See ya all in 'Tiger Country'


Alex said...

There's never been an extreme retrieve commander quite like you, Pete! Thanks for doing what you do. Even when you're just picking us up from an outlanding on the way to goal, it's guaranteed to be an adventure. Hopefully one that doesn't feature the hazards of tree landings, poison oak, wasps...

Anonymous said...

And you still took the time to throw a couple of newbies off the mountain. Thanks!!!!!

Rich. said...

Great Job Pete. I sure enjoyed last years adventures:-
Camping out, 2 flights almost every morning, drunken wrestling, 5:00 am river dunks (BRRRRRRRRRR), French girl tree rescue, launch assist, many retrieves, great food, beer etc. Probably do it again next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the llamas.

Doug said...

You and I have often disagreed about this and that but you truly do have a great heart for helping people. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. You often go out of your way to help when we need it the most.

Anonymous said...


yeah buddy, so far you didn't have to cut me out of the tall pine tree, just a short kiave, but i know you would.

it's great to have you around, like Doug says, you do have a great heart !

thanks for all the advice at RR, radio help, tandoom lone ( so i can fly a hot chick Martina ;), comfy rides up the mtn in the bronco

and of course all the help on the island as well !!

see you in the winter

Czech Peter