Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Coup d'Etat

Jefferey MacStalliker, seventh Earl of Kahana and self-styled Monarch of Maili, shocked the Kingdom of Kahana yesterday by announcing his intent to usurp the throne. As a cold wind blew in from the north under steely grey afternoon skies, the upstart Earl made a surprise claim on the distant crown lands of Kaaawa across the bay, but the aging King anticipated the threat and handily repulsed the incursion, turning the invader back before he could reach Kualoa. As darkness began to fall on the kingdom, the Earl negotiated a tenuous truce with an offering of traditional cold libations.


JeffMc said...

LOL! Awesome description Alex!

Alex said...

I was just continuing the metaphor you started with your funny "bloodless coup" post on the chatterbox.

While we were waiting on the north launch in the drizzle yesterday, Dorothy called and asked where I was, and I replied that I was having important discussions with my vassals about their fiefs. Did you hear me say that? Maybe that's why you declared your intent to usurp my throne over the radio. Anyway, your chatterbox post cracked me up.

I see you corrected my spelling of Maili - I always get that one wrong! Thanks.

What a fun day. I'm glad you and Jim answered my call, although I'm sorry it wasn't Jim's day to go over there - I know that day is coming though, Jim! As it is for anyone who's motivated to cross and is willing to practice.

Also Scrappy had wanted to try and come out for a late session, but I dissuaded him because of the rain and sky cover and how late it was, and actually I think the wind was really cranking by the time he would have made it out. Next time!

Anonymous said...

Tha age of Imperialism is over! Can't have Nanakuli nobility running around looking for other island kingdoms to subjugate.

Anonymous said...

Verily I say, the subjects of the kingdom rejoice that there is peace in the realm. All hail the moarchy.