Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pretty as a Postcard

Yesterday was another sweet northeasterly day at Kahana, with lighter wind and a much clearer sky than the previous day - a proper post-frontal kind of day. A bunch of us hiked the north ridge in the morning and flew most of the day out there. There were many first time flights: Bob from Torrey flying his girlfriend Donna on a tandem, RT from Colorado/Utah, Pete's latest student Harris, and John from the Big Island.

Reaper and I also flew, although his flight was brief since he had to take care of Kui and Harris. I was really stoked to make it to Kualoa and back on such a gorgeous day. After arriving over the ranch I enjoyed a long session working my way up at Puu Kanehoalani to cloudbase at around 2,500 feet.

Later on, Joey and Scrappy came out and flew, but the wind had grown a bit stronger, which made the bay crossings more challenging. Scrappy got super high and made it into the pocket over the Lion with height to spare, but it was almost dark and he wasn't excited about muscling through the strong and rolling airflow coming around the spines from Kaaawa.

Then after the successful nocturnal conclusion to a long-running project to make the shoreline safer for pilots and beachgoers alike, we ended the day with a nice dinner at Bobo's. Thanks to Harris for the cold refreshments, and to Pete for the ribs!


Anonymous said...

Really nice photos of Kahana and Kua this day!!!!!
James B

Alex said...

Thanks, James! Hope to share it with you sometime soon in person.

Anonymous said...

Check out this PG

James B
I will in country Dec,17-23. See you then