Saturday, October 04, 2008

The LOST Boys

So … 21 Sep 08, Hillery & I were pushing the stroller around Costco (eating free samples), when this hot blonde "Hollywood Lady" & her "friend" walk up to "see the baby."

Turns out … she is the casting director for the TV show "LOST." If you are a fan of the show or a grip, you prolly know that they film here on Oahu. Anyway … turns out that they needed a dark-haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian, newborn baby boy for one of their upcoming shows.

They spent 10 minutes fawning over our son (your nephew), calling "their people" & snapping pictures on their cell phones; all the while trying to convince us to let him be on the show … even suggested that I consider being an extra, because she “liked the way I was built.” Being polite, I returned the compliment, suggesting that I like the way her surgeon had “built” her, too.

Anyway … “What the hell … huh?” We gave them a contact number. They called several times the next day & faxed us a bunch of child labor regulation information & releases; which Hillery read & signed.

Long story short … 24 Sep 08 was the shooting day. There were several babies whose photos were evaluated for the part: age (2-4 weeks-old); hair (dark & a lot of it); sex (outdoor plumbing); overall cuteness … (Their acting skills were not part of the criteria.)

It came down to three boys … then two … then one: Peter J. Arroyo, III. We filmed at the studio near KCC; ‘cross The Dog Park. It was a “Birthing Scene” in which one of LOST’s beloved characters spends the entire episode in one of the show’s typically precarious situations, while in labor; at the end of which, our son (your nephew) emerges as the newest LOST cast member … one who may or may not ever be called back to the studio for another scene.

It was pretty freak’n cool. The “little diaper killer” was stripped naked, covered in cream cheese & cherry jelly (all “organic” … LOST is a bunch of tree-hugging hippies); then presented to the new parents and caressed by the camera for several long seconds. The last thing tens-of-millions of LOST fans will see that week will be the face of the youngest member of the Hawai’i Paragliding Association.

Several casting people, camera crew members and Emmy/Peabody/Pulitzer Prize winning directors telling you how adorable your newborn is, may or may not confirm your belief that your child is, in fact, beautiful. HOWEVER, staring into the remote camera monitor, onto a multi-million dollar set, with your organic cream cheese & cherry jelly smeared infant son gazing calmly into the face of his make-believe momma, as the music cues up, with credits about to roll, WILL bring a tear to the most stoic of eye.

Yes … “P-3” was paid handsomely for his efforts: $65.00/hour. (Not bad for a first job … huh?) NO … I am NOT allowed to give any details about the episode. The CIA & FBI are not quite as secretive as the LOST people. We will let everyone know when the episode airs … some time in February.


(P.S.: It has now been EIGHT weeks since my ACL repair. Therefore, if the wind calms down, I will be back in the air this weekend!! I miss you folks.)


firedave said...

Peter and Hill, Great story. I say save the video and years later you play it for him, tell him this is how it happened and that you aren't really his parents.

Then again, the therapy might get expensive.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Nah, tell him as he's about to leave for college that he was born on a deserted island to a bunch of freaks that survived a plane crash and monster attacks... Then show him the video? That would be a good one.

Congratulations P-3, that is the start of a wonderful life.

Uncle Pete

Alex said...

Dang, I guess I'm gonna be spending a lot more time at Costco with my kids. It's the young actor's back door to Hollywood - who knew? And seriously, cream cheese and cherry jelly? Urgh. The poor kid's gonna grow up with some kinda cheese 'n' jelly fetish. Or at least a serious bagel habit.

We sure have missed flying with you Pete, and we look forward to seeing you aloft again very soon.

Christine said...

Alex, you are so funny.
Suicide and Hillary - I am looking fwd to see your baby!!!
Will be back based on Oahu (and Paragliding?????) in Nov
- Christine