Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Whew, what a weekend! I think I did enough partying and flying to last me the rest of the year. Or at least a day or two. On Saturday, despite a brain-rattling tongue-pickling hangover (thanks to Thom for that!), I flew with 10 other pilots at Kahana in sweet north conditions, and I followed Stalker across the bay to Kualoa and back. A handful of folks also flew at Makapuu.

Then we rushed off to the Biggest Paragliding Meeting/Party Ever: 35 pilots and 10 guests by my count. Thanks to Bob for the use of his place, and to Thom for getting it ready for us despite his aching back.

We got lots of folks signed up and paid for next year. I will have waivers with me over the next couple of months for anyone that missed the party. We met lots of new pilots and got reacquainted with some long forgotten folks too. We discussed the Nanakuli permit and the Kahana situation, and then proceeded to re-elect the same old directors we had last year. I guess you could say we ran on a platform of the "status quo we can believe in". McStalker Jeff very narrowly missed his chance to assume the mantle of paragliding power, but I think he was also a bit relieved to put it off another year.

Sunday's flying at Makapuu sounds like it was fun, with up to a dozen pilots flying throughout the day. Tim summed it up on the chatterbox: "They flew up. They flew down. They flew alllll around. Then they had [a four-letter word for cold refreshing beverages]. The end." But Rich mentioned three beach bomb-outs, and Reaper said he heard it was nothing but carnage. Are there some exciting tales we need to hear? I hope someone can take a minute to fill us in!

At the end of the day I snuck out for a brief but sweet flight at Kahana with Maui Doug just as the sun was setting. Doug is really getting the hang of Kahana ridge soaring in a variety of conditions, not to mention nailing his launches and landings. Thanks to Doug for the cold refreshing beverages!

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Rich. said...

My Bomb-out approach was a little above the beach & almost downwind. My glider draped over 2 trees. I didn't have a scratch or bump on me but after no less than 6 very helpful beach-goers assisted in clearing it; I noticed a rather large tear near the leading edge.
The Lifeguard said "Well..., main thing, you didn't get hurt" but I think I'd rather take a couple scratches or bruises than see my glider Suffer like that.
I guess, when you weigh it all up, Down Time & Expense are the main issues..., at least for me anyway.