Friday, October 31, 2008

Meeting/Election/Party: Sat, Nov 1 @ Bob's

Pilots and friends are invited to join us for our fourth quarterly meeting and party of the year, to be held on Saturday, November 1, at 6 pm.

Update: this party will be a local style POT LUCK - please bring a pupu, main dish, or side dish to share. We will have a BBQ going if anyone wants to bring stuff to grill.

This is also our annual election and membership sign-up meeting, so please pass the word for a big turnout, and don't forget your $20 for dues, thanks. Bob has again graciously offered his new home site to the club for this event.

Since this party is the day after Halloween, Pete suggested we might want to make it a costume affair. Personally I look scary enough without a costume, but if anyone is inclined to dress up and show off, be my guest! I look forward to seeing Reaper's outfit.


Rich. said...

Great venue Bob!
HTMC Clubhouse will be under renovation 'till years end. I don't mind hosting in the future at all but it should be open for discussion/votes as to where.

Brazilian Ray said...

the first update should be the picture of the house.... hahaha!

Gravity said...

Bob, if you need any help getting the house ready, let me know.


Gravity said...

Bob, got your message, I'm be available to do whatever's necessary.

Call me again.