Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stolen/Lost Wing

Last night in Waikiki, visiting pilot Annelies had her rental car broken into at the hotel parking lot, and the perps jimmied the door open and stole her entire PG bag. In the bag were the following items: a new blue/white/orange XS Axis Vega II wing, a new S Kortel harness with reserve, a helmet, 2 GPSs, a vario and a radio. If anyone receives or hears any news of these items - please call Pete at Gravity ASAP, at 808-753-1027. Reward of $200 - no questions asked.


Hilo Ken said...

Hey Guys,
My best advice would be to use craiglist to see what is beeing sold. These thiefs are good at finding cheap ways of selling items. I will be looking for the equipment......

I hope you catch the sob!

JeffMc said...

Awww - that f**kin' sucks, Annelies. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Ken has a good point. In fact, it might be a good idea to actually put a WANTED ad similar to Pete's article here, on craigslist (for the gear, not the peson). Someting like:

"WANTED: Paraglider backpack stolen from Waikiki - REWARD!!!"

Maybe if the thief realizes it's useless to them, they'd rather take the $200 reward.


Rich. said...

I'll bet the (common thief) doesn't even know what he has, just that it looks expensive!

Alex said...

Sorry to hear about that, Annelies! I'm sure the thieves are sorry now that they realize they didn't get a bag of easily pawned items. Pete - whoever it was probably won't know what the stuff is - maybe you should also post your reward notice with the skydiving folks out at the Drop Zone.

Gravity said...

Another good idea is if you are in an area with pawn shops, give them this list to watch out for the stuff:

Copy and paste the followng:

On Sunday morning Dec. 14th, 2008 my friend’s car was broken into in a secured parking garage in Waikiki. Police report was made at the time under the name: Annelies Browne.

The following items were stolen from the vehicle. They have no street value but they may attempt to pawn these items. The items are a sport Paraglider, kinda like a parachute, but flies like a hangglider. In the wrong hands, they are extremely dangerous. Also, with so few paragliders on the island anyone caught with is stolen equipment will be spotted immediately? They are very rare here in the islands, and the entire paragliding club knows what to look for. I am asking your help in locating the items if brought into your store.

Stolen items:

Oversized Large paragliding backpack with Axis name on it
Axis Vega paraglider color – white / blue / orange
Kortel paraglider harness size small
Fullface lightweight helmet
Garmin GPS units : Garmin 76s, (2) Garmin 12 gps’s
Brauniger variometer instrument


Please contact:

Pete Michelmore
Gravity Hawaii Paragliding